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CMS Admin Login Showcase with Security Provider Enforcer

“Restrict the access to any page and do an automatic redirect to a login page”
With the latest DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP we created a demo page, where you can experience its newest feature - Security Provider Enforcer. This great functionality does not allow an unsigned user to access the CMS dashboard and redirects him automatically to the login page. To see it in action, please use username: demo and password: demo in the showcase below!


CMS Admin Login Showcase

For this showcase we used HTML5 Data Bindings and DMXzone Security Provider Enforcer functionality to create a secured CMS dashboard that requires login in order to be accessed. If the user is not registered and failed to sign in it's automatically redirected to the login page.


HTML5 Data Bindings
Connect to your data
DMXzone Security Provider ASP
Define and connect your security provider
DMXzone Security Provider PHP
Define and connect your security provider

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