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HTML5 Animate CSS Released and On Sale!

This week we're happy to announce our next crown jewel in our extensions collection - HTML5 Animate CSS. With its 35 gorgeous animations to choose from the dedicated floating panel, you can virtually animate div containers, repeat and detail regions, and even use it together with the newly improved HTML5 Data Bindings for fantastic presentations of rich, dynamic web sites and apps. You can also run on page scroll animations when a specific element becomes visible for the greatest impact on your users.

Check out the amazing showcases and video tutorials we created with it and hurry up because until next Wednesday HTML5 Animate CSS is on sale!

The Story

What's New in HTML5 Data Bindings 1.6.2:

  • Added full compatibility with the new HTML5 Animate CSS extension. Now the items of repeat regions can be nicely animated! Also conditional regions can receive special animations to notify the user of their changes in more visual way.


Interior Design Studio Showcase

For this showcase we used HTML5 Data Bindings and HTML5 Animate CSS to apply animations on repeat regions, which are our image thumbnails and also on detail regions that contain the larger images. You can also navigate through the detail regions using the navigation arrows. Also, there's an animation added on page scroll, which is triggered once the services images are 100% visible.


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