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DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Collection

“The power of Bootstrap 3 in a single pack”

DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Collection is an amazing pack of extensions that will let you create fully responsive websites that look awesome on desktop browsers as well as mobile devices. Also it features a tool for adding stunning page elements and great navigation to empower great user experience.

DMXzone Bootstrap 3
DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements
$92.00 $79.00
DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation
$92.00 $79.00


DMXzone Bootstrap 3

DMXzone Bootstrap 3 is the next generation Dreamweaver extension based on the newest Twitter Bootstrap. Supplied with four grid systems, it's responsive by default and makes it easy to create great-looking web pages and web apps, which are automatically compatible with various devices. Full support for Bootstrap 3 mobile first design and the dedicated floater gives you a quick access to all the options you need. Additionally, there's an integrated converter that transforms Bootstrap 2 based pages to Bootstrap 3 in seconds.

DMXzone Bootstrap Elements 3

DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements is the must have add-on if you want to use the full power of DMXzone Bootstrap 3. Its 37 ready to use elements is all you need for designing fully responsive layouts in minutes, directly in your Dreamweaver. The extension features elements such as tables, forms, buttons, images and icons, and elements for typography, pagination, labels and badges, layouts, thumbnails, progress bars, alerts, media and the brand new list group and panels. All elements are fully customizable through the inspector floating panel and you can choose from various lightweight designs.

DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation

Make your Bootstrap 3 website or app complete with the DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation extension for Dreamweaver. Empower fully responsive navigation for optimal user experience. The extension offers extensive visual management and rendering of your navigations, directly in Dreamweaver Design View. Next to the full management of the navigation you can also specify the visibility of each navigation item, depending on the device that's been viewed on.


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Product: Dreamweaver CS3, Dreamweaver CS4, Dreamweaver CS5/CS5.5 and CS6, Dreamweaver CC
Used Technologies: jQuery, CSS

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