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Animated Timeline with DMXzone Extensions

“Awesome animated timeline showcase”

Using the great Lumen theme which is included in our DMXzone Bootswatch extension, we designed an animated timeline for a personal CV. The onscroll animations are easily created with HTML5 Animate CSS and the layout with Bootstrap 3, Navigation for the navbar and Elements for the page content. If you still don't have our Bootstrap 3 tools we packed them nicely in our DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Collection that you'll find in our Collections section.


Interactive CV Showcase

For this showcase we designed animated timeline with HTML5 Animate CSS and branded navbar, using DMXzone Bootstrap 3, Elements and Navigation.


DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation
Great Bootstrap 3 Navigation for your website or app
DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements
37 ready to go and fully customizable elements for Bootstrap 3
DMXzone Bootstrap 3
Next generation perfect site layout in a few minutes
HTML5 Animate CSS
Just-add-water CSS animations

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