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Font Awesome Improved with New Icons

“DMXzone Font Awesome 1.1.0 features 71 new icons”

This week we have an amazing improvement of our iconic font designed for Bootstrap. DMXzone Font Awesome 1.1.0 comes with fantastic new 71 icons to improve your content pages, build with DMXzone Bootstrap 3. They are fully editable and available at your fingertips in Dreamweaver with the visual inspector where you can easily search and directly use the icons you need with a single click! If you still don't have this great extension, make sure to get it now because it's available for free download in our Extensions section. It's also featured in our Extended Bootstrap 3 Collection and you can see a preview of each of the 71 new icons in our latest showcase below.

The Story

What's New in DMXzone Font Awesome 1.1.0:

  • 71 shiny new icons included 


Animated Icons Showcase

For this showcase we used DMXzone Bootstrap 3 and Navigation for the responsive layout. The page content features all 71 new shiny icons included in the latest version of DMXzone Font Awesome. Additionally, we animated the icons to fade in on scroll with HTML5 Animate CSS.

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If you couldn't follow us the last five days, here's our weekly content summary which features all announcements, updates, video tutorials, showcases and more that we released during the past week. Make sure to update your DMXzone Font Awesome because its latest version features 71 shiny new icons to use in your pages content. Also we filmed a great video tutorial to show you how to create a fixed bottom icon menu and more that you can check out in our list below!

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