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DMXzone ePub Manager in Action

“ePub travel guide showcase with DMXzone ePub Manager”

Less than a week ago we released the DMXzone ePub Manager which is a great tool if you need the ePub functionality within your Dreamweaver. In our four video tutorials we already showed you how easy it is to work with the extension and the incredible powers that it has. Today, we build a travel guide in an ePub format which you can download and preview on your mobile devices and readers.

Note that the sale for DMXzone ePub Manager ends tomorrow so you need to hurry up if you need this Dreamweaver jewel. 


ePub Travel Guide Showcase

For this showcase we used the DMXzone ePub Manager in order to create a beautiful ePub travel guide which you can download and preview on your mobile device and any reader. Simply click the screenshot and the ePub is ready for download.

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DMXzone ePub Manager
Fully edit and generate ePub books in Dreamweaver

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