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Bring Music or Sounds to Your Pages

“A simple way to enhance your page with music or sounds”

Using our recently improved HTML5 MP3 Player, we build a page with some funny horse sounds which you can hear on more click wherever you see the word "horse" in the description. Of course, for the page layout we used the most famous DMXzone Bootstrap 3 so it can be fully responsive, DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements for the content and DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation for the menu. Last but not least, we have some tips which appear on hover with the help of Advanced Tooltips.

The HTML5 MP3 Player is currently on sale along with the HTML5 Music Visualizer Add-on.


Horse Farm Showcase

For this showcase we used Advanced Tooltips to enhance the description which appears on hover. Also we added sound that you can play on mouse click, and DMXzone Bootstrap 3, Navigation, Elements and Bootswatch for the page layput and content.

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