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Free Responsive Bootstrap 3 Sliding Template

“Download our latest template for free”

This week we have an amazing Responsive Bootstrap 3 Sliding Template that you can download for free from our templates section. It is a one page scrolling design, which is very clean and neat, and can be used on various of projects. Built with DMXzone Bootstrap 3 it looks amazing on any screen size. The cleanness of the content is done with DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements and the images are put into an awesome HTML5 Slideshow. Below you'll find a showcase where used the template and customized it for a beach villa web page.

Until next Wednesday HTML5 Slideshow is on sale in our extensions section!


Responsive Island Villa Showcase

For this showcase we used the Responsive Bootstrap 3 Sliding Template and customized it for a villa web page. The different images of the villa are presented in the awesome HTML5 Slideshow and the layout plus content, with the help of DMXzone Bootstrap 3 and its Elements addition.


DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements
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DMXzone Bootstrap 3
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HTML5 Slideshow
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