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“Our weekly content summary”
If you couldn't follow us during the week, here's our content summary from the last five days, which features our newest release - DMXzone Extension Manager for Dreamweaver tray app. We also included five useful video tutorials to work with this great app, which allows you to install, update and generally manage all your Dreamweaver extensions. Make sure to download it because it's super useful, saves you time and it's free.


Blog Posts

Stay Up to Date with DMXzone Extension Manager

Nine reasons why you should install DMXzone Extension Manager

For the past 6 years DMXzone Updater has been inseparable part of our extensions, allowing you to keep track of the extensions updates. But it's time to draw a line and bring you something way more advanced, which offers more options and is based on advanced technologies. For everyone who still haven't tried our DMXzone Extension Manager for Dreamweaver tray app, below is a list of all the goodies and advantages in this new tool.We're eager to find out what you think about the DMXzone Extension ...

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DMXzone Extension Manager Released, Download it Now!

New generation installation of Dreamweaver extensions

After months of hard work and development the DMXzone team is happy to announce the official release of DMXzone Extension Manager for Dreamweaver. Our new generation extension manager is all you need in order to install, update and manage all your Dreamweaver extensions and templates with a simple username/password login, without complicated installers. It is available for Mac and Windows users and you can download and install it for free from our Extensions section. Note that the DMXzone ...

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DMXzone Extension Manager to be Released!

The new generation Extension Manager is coming on Wednesday

Almost two weeks ago we promised you that we'll make installation of extension easier and now we're extremely proud to announce that in less then 24 hours a new generation extension manager will be available at your disposal. Meet DMXzone Extension Manager, the standalone tray app that will make your life easier! In a blink of an eye you'll be able to install, update and manage your extensions for any Dreamweaver version above DW8 on both Windows and Mac OSX. No more complicated installers with ...

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How to: Responsive Header Headline

Scallable page headline with DMXzone Responsive Text

In this tutorial you will learn how to add a scalable headline into the header of your responsive page. In order to do that you need to create your page layout using DMXzone Bootstrap 3 and add DMXzone Responsive Text into the page header container. Enter your headline text and set its width, max font size and min font size options. Using DMXzone Responsive Text you no longer need to write complicated media queries to resize your headline for different screen sizes.

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DMXzone Bootstrap 3
Next generation perfect site layout in a few minutes
DMXzone Extension Manager for Dreamweaver
New generation installation of Dreamweaver extensions
DMXzone Responsive Text
Make your text responsive for any device and desktop browser

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