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DMXzone Security Provider Released and On Sale!

“Define and connect your security provider”

The waiting is over! DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP has been officially released and now you can easily apply advanced security restrictions to your website or web app. You can also secure the access to your database sources and database actions and decide who can access them. Use your own login forms or the supplied Bootstrap modal login form for maximum effect and great user validation! These and many more you can now achieve with the DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP !

The extension comes in ASP and PHP version and with an introduction discount for a week so make sure to get this helpful tool quickly!


CMS Administrator Showcase

For this showcase we have 2 database sources (orders and users) that we secured with the DMXzone Security Provider and require login to be viewed. On page load all you see is a message that you need to be logged in, you can do that via the supplied Bootstrap modal dialog with the following credentials: username: admin; password: password.

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Connect to your data
DMXzone Security Provider ASP
Define and connect your security provider
DMXzone Security Provider PHP
Define and connect your security provider
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