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Fetching User Details and Filtering Data Sources by User Identity

“Watch our latest video tutorial with DMXzone Security Provider”

We have one more video tutorial to accompany the release of DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP. In today's "how to" we'll teach you to fetch user details and filter data sources by user identity. In order to do that you'll need to create data sources using the DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP, create a database security provider, using our latest Dreamweaver tool, use the dmxSecurityId session variable and more that you can watch below.

The DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP is on sale for a week with a special price so hurry up!



HTML5 Data Bindings
Connect to your data
DMXzone Security Provider ASP
Define and connect your security provider
DMXzone Security Provider PHP
Define and connect your security provider
DMXzone Database Connector ASP
Connect to your database
DMXzone Database Connector PHP
Connect to your database

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