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Data Bindings Formatter with Six New Formatting Filters

“Check out what's new in Data Bindings Formatter ”

We have another improved extension this week that comes with six new formatting filters for smart text processing. In HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter our developers added truncate, pad, repeat, sub string, strip tags, word count and also full compatibility with the latest version of HTML5 Data Bindings. Check out our latest showcase below where we used the truncate formatting filter and get the extension now because it's on sale until next Wednesday!

The Story

What's New in HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter 1.1.0:

Six New formatting filters for Smart Text Processing

  • Truncate - Smart truncates a string to a specific length respecting the word boundaries and adding an additional character to indicate more content like ...
  • Pad - Smart padding a string to specific length, so you can add padding characters in front, on back or center the string
  • Repeat - Repeat a string/character a number of times
  • Sub String - Extract a part of a string (use negative start to get from end)
  • Strip Tags - Remove HTML tags from a string
  • Word Count - Count the number of words used
  • Compatibility with the latest HTML5 Data Bindings.
  • Always apply HTML encoding to filter parameters to allow HTML codes in text


The Gym Showcase

For this showcase we used HTML5 Data Bindings and DMXzone Database Connector to populate our text on the page. We also used the HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter to apply a truncate filter so that our text is visible to a certain length. When you click the 'Learn more' button the detail region appears and gives a full preview of the text.


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