Database Connector Improved and on Sale
March 17, 2014 by Lubov Cholakova

We're starting the week with more improved extensions and today we have DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP on the line. The extension features a built-in connection wizard where you can define and manage your connections to all well known databases. In the improved version our developers added database metadata refresh , and now it also refreshes the views. We also have a video tutorial on how to search in multiple database columns using a single search field, which you can watch below.

Until next Wednesday DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP is on sale with a great discount.

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What's New in DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP 1.1.3:

  • Database metadata refresh , now also refreshes the views
  • Added version number in the server side source files
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  • Searching in Multiple Database Columns Using a Single Search Field
    – Learn how to do that in a few easy steps
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