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7 Reasons to Use Bootstrap 3 Navigation in Your Design

“Great Bootstrap 3 Navigation for your website or app”

Designing a simple and easily accessible navigation is the key to a successful user experience on your website. Being in year 2014 the responsive design and navigation is not just a trend anymore but a must if you want your page or app to be a factor and function as it should. Forget about multi-level dropdowns, they just don't have much of a place on the web anymore, especially on mobile web. In the next lines we'll show you the great advantages of DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation and how awesome this Dreamweaver extension is.

The Story

Resizing and positioning - Design a responsive navigation which never gets hidden and breaks down as the window is resized for various devices. The nav items fit nicely into the page for the most awesome and minimalistic design. 

Great user experience - Bootstrap 3 Navigation gives your users the ultimate experience while browsing through the sections, without overwhelming them with unnecessary sub-level menus.

Stylish and collapsible navbar - An awesome component for your website or app that serves as navigation header where you can add your brand name and customize the nav items, add dropdowns and style them for your design needs. The navbar becomes collapsible when viewed on mobile devices for the most awesome mobile navigation ever!

Navbar controls - Add search forms with helpful labels and different buttons to make your users live easier. For example, you can add sign in, log out buttons by simply customizing the button text.  

Hidden menus - Using collapse, you can make your nav items hidden which is a very popular approach because they clear room for page content. It is especially needed on mobile devices where you want to give users as much room as possible.

Save additional space with dropdowns - Add active or disabled nav dropdowns with headers and dividers to save space on your nav or to separate your website or app sections. 

Auto active item selection and onscroll navigation - If you design one page scrollable design, based on the URL the navigation highlights the corresponding nav item. You can also do that onscroll for different sections of your website or app.


Apparel Store Showcase

For this showcase we build an apparel store with out DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Collection. In order to create the layout and the page content we used DMXzone Bootstrap 3 and Elements. The page features a navbar with brand label as header, navi items and dropdown menus, created with DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation. Each subsection has a stacked navigation on the left that links to the different submenus.

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