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“Our weekly content summary”

In our weekly content summary you'll find all the articles, announcements, showcases, video tutorials and more that we released during the last five days. Our main focus was DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation extension that we released recently and its powers that can save you time while designing your next project.  If you still don't have this great tool you should check out the Bootstrap 3 Collection pack that features it along with DMXzone Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 3 Elements.


  • Apparel Store Showcase

    For this showcase we build an apparel store with out DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Collection. In order to create the layout and the page content we used DMXzone Bootstrap 3 and Elements. The page features a ...

  • Travel Agency Showcase

    For this showcase we used the full DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Collection, which features DMXzone Bootstrap 3 for the responsive page layout, DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements for the page content and DMXzone ...

  • Luxury Beach Villa Showcase

    For this showcase we used DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation in order to create a fully responsive navbar, which becomes collapsible when viewed on mobile devices. We also added a fully responsive ...


Blog Posts

7 Reasons to Use Bootstrap 3 Navigation in Your Design

Great Bootstrap 3 Navigation for your website or app

Designing a simple and easily accessible navigation is the key to a successful user experience on your website. Being in year 2014 the responsive design and navigation is not just a trend anymore but a must if you want your page or app to be a factor and function as it should. Forget about multi-level dropdowns, they just don't have much of a place on the web anymore, especially on mobile web. In the next lines we'll show you the great advantages of DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation and how ...

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All Bootstrap 3 Extensions Now in a Single Pack

The power of Bootstrap 3 in a single pack

With the release of our navigation tool we finally took all our Bootstrap 3 extensions and added them intro a discount package. DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Collection is an amazing pack of extensions that will let you create fully responsive websites that look awesome on desktop browsers as well as mobile devices. Also it features a tool for adding stunning page elements and great navigation to empower great user experience. If you still haven't got the chance to work with Bootstrap 3 framework now ...

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Last Chance for Bootstrap 3 Navigation Special Price

An amazing one page scrollable design with DMXzone extensions

A week ago we released DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation and since then we showed you a few awesome pages built with this great Dreamweaver tool, and today we have another one that represents a gorgeous beach villa in a one page scrollable website. In order to create it we used DMXzone Bootstrap 3 and Elements for the page layout and content, DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation for the fully responsive navbar, which becomes collapsible when viewed on mobile devices. We also added a responsive DMXzone ...

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Add Dynamic Dropdowns to a Navbar

Add dynamic dropdowns in DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation navbar

This week we will continue to show you tips and tricks you can use, while working with our newly released DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation extension. Today's video tutorial will walk you through the creation of dynamic dropdowns in a navbar. First we will create a data source, add a DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation navbar, add a dropdown to the navbar and finally we will apply a repeat-children region to the dropdown list. Check out the movie below and see how easy it is. Keep in mind that DMXzone ...

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DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation
Great Bootstrap 3 Navigation for your website or app
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37 ready to go and fully customizable elements for Bootstrap 3
DMXzone Bootstrap 3
Next generation perfect site layout in a few minutes
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Empower full featured Google Maps in Dreamweaver!
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Just-add-water CSS animations
DMXzone Nivo Slider
The most awesome jQuery image slider now as Dreamweaver extension
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Connect to your data
DMXzone Database Connector PHP
Connect to your database
DMXzone Database Connector ASP
Connect to your database

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