Tired of purchasing many extensions just to finish up your project. Now we have a solution for you. For a small fee you have access to over 120+ high-quality and growing Dreamweaver extensions and templates for a year period! Additionally, we're working on many new ones, which will be available for every subscription holder when released!

The subscription fee is done in one payment, not in monthly payments! The monthly payments are only for comparison purposes.

What You Can Do with the Subscription:

  • Access to over 100+ existing high-quality Dreamweaver extensions and Design templates
  • Full technical support in our forums and Live Chat
  • Access to new extensions/templates and updates, during the subscription period, as soon as they're released
  • Free download, install and use of any DMXzone extension and templates on DMXzone.com
  • Use the subscription serial number as an installation key for each downloaded extension and template or use your DMXzone account credentials for quick installation in the DMXzone Extension Manager.

Q&A About All Extensions Access Yearly Subscription:

  • Q: Does the All Extensions Access Yearly Subscription auto renew when expired?
    A: Yes, until you cancel it manually through your DMXzone account, the subscription will autorenew each year.
  • Q: What happens if i cancel my subscription manually?
    A: The subscription will be valid for use on DMXzone until its expiration day but will not be renewed after that.
  • Q: I canceled my subscription in the halfways the term - can I get my money for the rest of the term?
    A: No, the subscription remains valid at DMXzone until the term expires. It just won't be automatically renewed. Also, the time of expiration is the time when you first subscribed for it.
  • Q: Can I download new extensions with my subscription?
    A: You have an access to any extension that will be released during the period of your subscription as well as extension updates.
  • Q: Can I use the extensions/templates on different websites?
    A: Yes, you can use the extensions/templates on as many projects as you want.