Refund Conditions

When making your refund claim please provide us with:
  • Your username
  • Invoice number/Transaction ID
  • Product name
  • The reason for the refund
Your refund request will be processed if it falls under any of the following categories:
  • The product is not as described - the features and functionality are different than advertised
  • The product doesn't work the way it should and this is verified by DMXzone support department
  • You made a double purchase
Reasons why a refund will not be given:
  • You don't want the product after you downloaded it or installed it
  • You didn't check product requirements prior to purchase
  • The product did not meet your expectations
  • You do not have sufficient expertise to use the product
  • You just changed your mind

Our products are provided with extensive documentation, video tutorials and showcases which you can examine prior to purchase. It is your responsibility to examine and evaluate the product(s) prior to purchase. Our product are sold with the joint understanding that the customer possesses a basic knowledge of computer systems, software functionality, knowledge of Dreamweaver and using Dreamweaver products.
If your refund request is given, you will be asked to destroy all copies of the product in question and send us a Letter of Software Destruction. You can scan and send it on or on our fax number: +31-(0)53-4337415. Then your activation key(s) will be invalidated in all future versions of the product.

*Note: Refunds are only issued within 30 days from the date the product was purchased.

*Note: Subscriptions are non-refundable! If you don't want to continue using your subscription after its expiration date, please cancel it from your DMXzone account before it expires, otherwise it will be auto-renewed.