Navigating Through the New DMXzone Profile

July 9, 2012

A quick walk through the DMXzone Profile page

With the new look of DMXzone we made some changes to the My Profile menu and added new features. Now everything is more simpler and cleaner. It is really easy to navigate through your personal information. Some of the new highlights include: full details for your product like serial numbers, quick links for download, support forums, user manuals and more. Below you can find a complete list with all the changes and new features.


The Story

  • General overview - You can access your DMXzone account from the top of DMXzone's page.
  • Main Profile - When you are in the Main Profile menu, you can take a quick look of your data such as e-mail, number of forum posts and other. On bottom we put your e-mail subscriptions. With just a click you can choose to subscribe or not to.
  • Editing Main Profile - Just click on the "Edit Profile" button and make the necessary changes. We added a new option now if you wish you could hide your e-mail address from other users.
  • Billing options - Under the billing options you can add the address, which will appear on your invoices. In addition, you can also store your credit cart information so next time when you make a purchase it will appear in the payment method dropdown. 

  • Subscriptions - The next tab is the Subscriptions. Here you will find all the information about your subscriptions or if you don't have one you can take a look at our offers.
  • Products - Now you can see your extensions serial numbers, the version number and we added links for download (both zxp and mxp), user manual and link to the support forum.
  • Invoices overview - Here you can preview all your purchases and their invoices. To access a certain invoice, simply click its number.
  • Invoice details - For your convenience your can print your invoice quick and easy. Just click on the invoice that you need to get printed and a print preview will pop-up. 


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