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Mini-review & Competition: Pro Smartphone Cross-Platform Development

Learn the theory behind cross-platform development, and put the theory into practice with code using the invaluable information presented in this book. With in-depth coverage of development and distribution techniques for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Android, you’ll learn the native approach to working with each of these platforms.

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Mini-review & Competition: Introducing ZBrush 4

Design remarkably realistic creatures, people, and objects using ZBrush and the new edition of this top-selling book. Professional Hollywood animator and ZBrush artist Eric Keller combines his firsthand experience with detailed, step-by-step explanations to make you feel right at home with the interface and tools. The book reinforces the core concepts of ZBrush through fun, hands-on tutorials that will help you achieve amazing results.

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Mini-review & Competition: Digital Art Masters Volume 2

Meet some of the finest digital 2D and 3D artists working in the industry today, from Patrick Beaulieu, Philip Straub, Benita Winckler, Alessandro Baldasseroni to Khalid Al Muharraqi, Marcel Baumann and Marek Denko and see how they work. More than just a gallery book - in Digital Arts Masters each artist has written a breakdown overview, with supporting imagery of how they made their piece of work.

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Mini-review & Competition: How to be a Rockstar WordPress Designer 2

WordPress is arguably the biggest, most prevalent content management system on the market. Earlier this year, reported that the WordPress CMS has been downloaded over 32.5 million times. WordPress today is no longer regarded as just a blogging tool, though that was the reason it was created. Its flexibility and ease of customization has led WordPress to be one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) used in the web design and development industry.

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Mini-review & Competition: Photoshop Curves Workshop

The Curves adjustment in Photoshop has a reputation for being daunting, challenging, and for some photographers, even scary. Photographers who are adept at optimizing their images with Curves are held in high esteem-and by completing this workshop, you can be one of them.

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Mini-review & Competition: Build Mobile Websites and Apps For Smart Devices

Grab hold of the most exciting and important development in computing since the Internet itself: The Mobile Web. It’s a field brimming with possibility where you can bring your amazing ideas to life. Build Mobile Websites and Apps for Smart Devices is a practical guide for innovative front-end web designers and developers. You’ll discover a fun and accessible approach to mobile web design and development, with enormous scope for opportunity.

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Mini-review & Competition: Photoshop Selections Workshop

In the process you’ll learn how to use every selection tool available in Photoshop and be introduced to a variety of other special techniques. Note: This course was recorded in Photoshop CS5, but was created with users of both Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop CS4 in mind. Join the competition below this overview.

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Mini-review & Competition: Creating 3d Game Art for the iPhone with Unity

Revolutionize your iPhone and iPad game development with Unity iOS, a fully integrated professional application and powerful game engine, which is quickly becoming the best solution for creating visually stunning games for Apple's iDevices easier, and more fun for artists.

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Mini-review & Competition: Ten Ton CSS Floating Layouts

Join author and trainer Geoff Blake as he takes you through CSS-based floating layouts. Ten Ton CSS Floating Layouts is a fantastic video training to start for those just getting into flexible layouts with code fixing! Even more experienced users are sure to pick up new skills and techniques. Read More

Mini-review & Competition: Photoshop Without Photographs

In this workshop, you’ll see how to build every single element in a 1930s image from scratch, from creating the wood texture used for the door to drawing the wallpaper and adding the lighting. This creative challenge will introduce you to new and surprising ways of working in Photoshop.

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Mini-review & Competition: Beginning Smartphone Web Development

Today’s Web 2.0 applications (think Facebook and Twitter) go far beyond the confines of the desktop and are widely used on mobile devices. The mobile Web has become incredibly popular given the success of the iPhone and BlackBerry, the importance of Windows Mobile, and the emergence of Palm Pre (and its webOS platform). Apress are fortunate to have Gail Frederick of the well-known training site Learn the Mobile Web offer her expert advice in Beginning Smartphone Web Development. In this book, Gail teaches the web standards and fundamentals specific to smartphones and other feature-driven mobile phones and devices.

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Review: BlackBerry PlayBook

The BlackBerry PlayBook is perfect for large organizations or solo usage, because it gives the user what he or she wants. Uncompromising browsing , true multitasking and powerful multimedia performance are a few of the many features. With support for Adobe Flash Player 10.1, Adobe AIR, HTML 5 Mobile, the BlackBerry PlayBook gives you an unbelievable surfing experience, which allows you to enjoy all the sites, games and media on the Internet. Read More
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