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Wine Tour in Italy with Google Maps Directions Add-on

See DMXzone's newest release in action in our latest showcase! We used App Connect Google Maps and App Connect Google Directions Add-on to display the itinerary for a wine tour in Italy.

The map style is set to Classic and the directions list is turned off. That's an awesome example of possible Google Maps Directions Add-on usage! It allows you to navigate people to any address on the map.

Remember, you can still get more than 25% discount on the add-on. So hurry up!

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New Release! Get the Best Route to Every Location with App Connect Google Maps Directions Add-on

Hey, new release is on board!

Your users will always be in the right direction with App Connect Google Maps Directions Add-on! It allows you to navigate people to every location on the map - offices, stores, streets, places, squares or just any other address!

That add-on will display you alternative routes with full directions' steps list and let you choose the best one.

In the Dreamweaver UI you will find great options panel with many options, including waypoints or date pickers for departure/arrival time.

Check out the usage videos and the showcase below! For the live demo we used the transit mode, so we can show the transport to get you from the airport to a conference venue in Amsterdam.

Get now -25% release discount on the extension :)

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Add Directions to Every Location

New release is coming up on DMXzone!

You can add directions to every page with App Connect Google Maps Directions Add-on! Feel the best Google Maps experience, get the route suggestions, choosing from different types of moving - by car, walking, cycling, even flights!

Use every dynamic data source to feed most of the main parameters with real-time data.

Stay tuned, releasing tomorrow!

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Three New Features in App Connect Google Maps

Our team is ready with first App Connect Google Maps update! We have added two new actions and one new dynamic event.

With the new cool features you can make the map to fit its markers, start or stop bouncing of a marker, as well as execute actions when your map is ready or bounds, or when map type or zoom changes.

Just update your extension!

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Don't Forget to Update DMXzone Extension Manager

We are constantly improving our extensions! To keep your system fit, we recommend to update DMXzone Extension Manager. Now, better than ever!

That free application that will make your daily work really easier! Great download and installing speed, extensions' updates, purchase and install directly from the application.

In the new version we have added awesome info balloons - they will help you to stay tuned and keep you informed about everything you need to know.

Get or Update DMXzone Extension Manager Here

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Real Estate Listing with App Connect Google Maps

Another great showcase for App Connect Google Maps! See our stylish map with custom markers and HTML info balloons for every pin. Zoom and get more info, including an image, price and call-to-action, for each venue!

That's just one more idea about the possible cases when App Connect Google Maps can help your projects!

Don't miss out! Get with 13% release discount now - the promotion is ending today!

See the Showcase

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Share Your Location! Use App Connect Google Maps

It's always nice to implement interactive elements in your website. That cool bouncing pin will show your users every location in a great optimized way!

You need to use only the user interface of App Connect Google Maps to select a theme, set animations and custom marker, define pan and zoom options, enable Tilt and Rotate buttons... Create your map in seconds!

Check our newest showcase and feel that great maps experience! -10 EUR (-12 USD) off on the extension until Tuesday!

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New Release! Enhance Your Maps Experience

It's time to migrate to App Connect! There are more and more extensions which are working natively with our most powerful integrated front-end framework.

A long-awaited release is finally on board! Add fully functional and interactive map on your website with App Connect Google Maps! That new extension will bring even greater user experience to every interactive project.

Just have a look: dynamic sources support, 6 themes included, markers clustering available and responsive!

You can find a showcase and usage videos below :) Get it now with discount!

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App Connect Google Maps is Coming on Board

We are about to release our newest extension tomorrow! The all-new App Connect Google Maps will bring great user experience to your website.

Check the hottest highlights below!

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What a Cool Web Summit 2017

We have joined Web Summit 2017 and announced our standalone visual web app creator Wappler for the first time in public! Dutch cookies and a lot of marketing materials were waiting for the visitors of our stand.

Read about our great experience in that article!

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