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Bootstrap 4 Extensions Updated

The best visual layout building tools for Dreamweaver just got better!

We updated our Bootstrap 4 tools to the latest version - Bootstrap 4.4.1, which includes new features and improvements.
Some of the new features we added are:

  • Responsive Containers - you can change the container type to responsive. This allows you to add a container that is 100% wide until the specified breakpoint is reached, after which the max widths for each of the higher breakpoints will be applied.
  • Row Columns - this option allows you to add number of columns for rows. Useful for quickly creating basic grid layouts or card decks.
... and many other minor improvements have been added.

You can get the Bootstrap 4 extensions with a 20% discount, until February 5th!

Keep in mind that Bootstrap 4 is fully available within Wappler - the DMXzone-made full Dreamweaver replacement and so much more! Why not to give it a try for FREE?

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Unleash the Power of Geo Location Services with App Connect Geo Location

Here we go - second brand new release for 2018! Get ready to unleash the power of location services with our newest extension: App Connect Geo Location!

That's the best way to figure out where your users are located and let them share that information with you. Get directions to every place, just show places nearby, or collect all the geo information you need!

Don't forget to check out the usage videos, as well as our live demo Geo Location on Map Showcase.

Go to App Connect Geo Location

The extension is online and fully ready for your projects - get our traditional 20% release discount! And that's not everything... Because of the perfect symbiosis with App Connect Google Maps, we decided to put on sale that extension too! So get now 20% OFF App Connect Geo Location and 13% OFF App Connect Google Maps - the perfect match. Only until Tuesday, 30 January!

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HTML5 Animate CSS2 Turned Into App Connect Animate CSS

More extension updates! The well-known HTML5 Animate CSS2 was renamed to App Connect Animate CSS. With that update we have added new animation - Jack in The Box to In and Out animations, as well as done many small fine tunings.

You can see it in action in the Animated Photography Portfolio Showcase - there are applied animations to the portfolio images on scroll. Use the extension to animate any elements with stunning animations on page display or even apply on-scroll revealed animation!

Go to App Connect Animate CSS

Update the product from the Extension Manager or get now 20% discount on purchasing the updated App Connect Animate CSS!

The update is free for all existing HTML5 Animate CSS 2 users and customers with active subscriptions.

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First Update of App Connect Charts

App Connect Charts now is even better!

We have improved the dynamic rendering and refresh of charts when data changes! It's one of the major features of that awesome extension.

Check out the showcase below and see it in action!

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See a Live Demo of App Connect Charts and Get a Discount

Awesome charts! Great extension! Do you beleive that? If not, check out our newest live demo of App Connect Charts! We have used real time data and the dashboard is refreshing on every 3.5 seconds. We have also enabled the animations options and applied different color themes to the charts.

Remember that you can still get almost 15% release discount on that extension! The promotion is valid only today, so hurry up!

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Don't Break Your Data, Use Form Validation

Form validation is a simple thing: it is the process of ensuring that user input is correct, clean and useful. W3 Schools are providing examples of typical validation tasks: has the user filled in all required fields; has the user entered a valid date; has the user entered text in a numeric field.

In a nutshell: the main purpose of data validation is to ensure correct user input. We can isolate two sides of the data validation: server and client side. Server side validation is performed by the server, after input has been sent to the server, client side validation is performed by the browser, before input is sent to the web server.

If you undervalue the form validation, you might be wrong. It is absolutely required in order to prevent a web site abuse by malicious users or manipulative provided information. Validation of form data is the major reason for security vulnerabilities: automated input, SQL injections, hidden field manipulation, header injections and buffer overflows.

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Amazing Dashboards with the new App Connect Action Scheduler

Get ready for some interactivity! Now you can finally build those fancy admin dashboards that require automatic inline data refreshing! Now all made possible with the help of the just released App Connect Action Scheduler! So check it out 

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Customize Your Bootstrap 3 Generators with Style and Color

You think your paging, tables and forms lack style and color? Well, we have just the right tool to combine with your generator extensions. DMXzone Bootswatch is not only a free extension but also features 15 different Bootstrap 3 styles to make everything bright and shiny. Of course, this great collection of themed swatches can be modified even further through the CSS to suit your needs. So make sure to check out the examples below and get it now.

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Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator 2 Released and on Sale

So next to amazing Bootstrap 3 Forms and Tables now you want to generate fully cool looking Bootstrap 3 dynamic paging quickly? Well check out the just released Bootstrap 3  Dynamic Paging Generator 2 and its amazing DMXzone App Connect integration! Your pagination will be fully generated in just a few clicks! 

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DMXzone App Connect Browser Released and on Sale

Fully customize your DMXzone App Connect based site to the visitors browser properties and preferences that is what the just released DMXzone App Connect Browser is all about! The extension comes with great showcases and video tutorials so make sure to watch these and get it today because it's on sale!

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