Data Traversal Released and on Sale
We're excited to announce the next great addition to the DMXzone App Connect framework - DMXzone App Connect Data Traversal. Now, you have access to three awesome components, which will let you display detail info regions on demand, offer powerful data toggles, real time client side filtering, and sorting of data, and more. These great new options are available under the DMXzone App Connect panel, once you install DMXzone App Connect Data Traversal.
Until next Wednesday, you can get DMXzone App Connect Data Traversal on sale with special discount! 
What's Inside DMXzone App Connect Data Traversal

We're just a day away from the official release of DMXzone App Connect Data Traversal and it's time to show you what our awesome developers packed in it for you. We picked out just a few but among them you'll find that this tool allows you to make your tables easy to search and sort by specific criteria, selects a specific detail record from data source by key and automatically displays the detail info regions, and many more.

DMXzone App Connect Released and for Free!
We're extremely happy and proud to announce the official release of DMXzone App Connect. Today, we start a new chapter and offer you the most advanced approach to developing data driven websites and apps. DMXzone App Connect is the next generation client side framework and base ground for a handful of additional components. It comes with phenomenal rendering speed of dynamic data and you have visual and direct access to custom components, dynamic attributes and events and smart data form inputs. Make sure to watch all the video tutorials and check out the showcase we did for you! Also, you need to get the latest version of DMXzone Server Connect, which is fully compatible with this new release.
DMXzone App Connect Pickers

We're just a couple of days away from the official release of DMXzone App Connect and before we make it public for everyone, we would like to show you its awesome smart context sensible data bindings picker and components actions picker. These last two features will pretty much sum up all the amazing things that you'll find in our newest client side framework. Both pickers are crucial additions to the DMXzone App Connect and today we'll explain what they do and what's the difference between them. 

Dynamic Events in DMXzone App Connect

Dynamic attributes, smart data form inputs, custom components. What more possibly can our developers add into the upcoming DMXzone App Connect? The answer today is dynamic events and we're glad to tell you that the extension will be available for everyone next week. So on top of all you can dynamically bind on any event and call a component action with many event modifiers.

Dynamic Attributes in DMXzone App Connect

There are so many great things, packed in DMXzone App Connect, that we want to show you. We were wondering today what should be next after the smart data form inputs and the custom components. So we decided to unveil the power of the dynamic attributes, which are a smart choice when it comes to tags and components. You can even have custom attributes with the new DMXzone App Connect!

Smart Data Form Inputs in DMXzone App Connect

We'll tease you a little bit longer until the upcoming DMXzone App Connect is ready for its official debut. In today's blog article, we'll take a look at the HTML forms and their input fields, which become fully data aware, thanks to DMXzone App Connect. The most amazing news is that you can use their values in expressions, react on changes and even get the status of your HTML5 validation, automatically set the right validation classes and show a message.

DMXzone App Connect's Custom Components

Yesterday, we showed you the phenomenal structure of our upcoming DMXzone App Connect and it's time to dive into the deep and explore its components, which make it so great. The best news about this upcoming release is that it's already ready for the HTML5 Custom Elements v1 web standard. If you're not familiar with Custom Elements, they allow defining new types of HTML elements and this is exactly what we did. So make sure to check out the first preview of these rich components.

First Look at DMXzone App Connect

It's time for you to take a sneak peak at our upcoming DMXzone App Connect extension. What can be better than it's absolutely amazing and easy to use structure? You get a fantastic preview of your app components, with their properties, which are automatically synced in design, live and code view. Forget about server behaviors, Dreamweaver behaviors and jQuery, DMXzone App Connect is the new way of building visually dynamic sites and apps that make sense!

HTML5 Data Bindings vs. DMXzone App Connect

As much as we love HTML5 Data Bindings, which was released back in 2013, it's almost time to move on and embrace newer technologies. While our developers are putting the final touches on the upcoming DMXzone App Connect, we had the time to put it on a test or two and see how it renders dynamic tables with records, and the results are impressive. The time compares to industry standard React and VueJS. So make sure to check out the benchmarks below before we introduce you to DMXzone App Connect's features.

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