Check if a Record Exists in a Database Before Insert

If there's one thing that is the most searchable item on our website, than this is it! Validating input value against the database or checking if a record already exists in a database has always been a struggle but the solution is quite simple. You just need the DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP/ASP.NET, which we spoke about yesterday, and the powerful HTML5 Form Validator. These two awesome extension will do the job for you so make sure to check out the video tutorial.

When DMXzone Server Connect Meets Zapier


Don't you hate it when you have to waste time, doing repetitive tasks? There's one great service called Zapier, which will do the boring job for you and will move the info between your web apps, automatically.  Today, we decided to put it to the test, together with our DMXzone Server Connect and a few of its awesome components. The result is pretty impressive and you can see it in our latest video below.

Video Guide for DMXzone Security Provider

Last week our DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP/ASP.NET was greatly improved and today we prepared a video collection to guide you through the process of working with this great Dreamweaver tool. With these four simple movies you'll learn how to filter a database query, restrict access to a page, how to setup user permissions and also how to validate users.

DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP/ASP.NET is still on sale for two more days so hurry up if you still don't have it! 

Video Guide for Server Data Formatter

We have four amazing video tutorials to introduce you to DMXzone Server Data Formatter, which is one awesome Dreamweaver Extensions. You'll learn how to apply text data formatter and also how to filter a query by date range. In addition, two videos will show you how DMXzone Server Data Formatter works with other tools, such as DMXzone Server Data Formatter Crypto Add-on to encrypt passwords.

Don't forget that DMXzone Server Data Formatter is on sale and you can get it cheaper if you still don't have it.

Validating Input Valude Againts Database

In our Replace Server Behaviors with DMXzone Extensions Part 2 article we spoke about the technologies used back in the days for user authentication. On Wednesday, we improved two key extensions, which are used to replace this old approach. HTML5 Form Validator and DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP/ASP.NET are exactly what you need to forget about "check new username" server behavior and verify that the requested username is not already in the data source, in a more modern way. So make sure to check out the video below and learn how to check if a record exists in a database before insert.

What Happens when You Mix CSS Image Gallery and Lightbox?

What happens when you meet a pure css image gallery with a modal, stylish popup? You end up with awesome display of your CSS Image Gallery 2 images within DMXzone Lightbox 2. Why would you want to do that you may ask. Well, it's an awesome way to display larger images from your gallery. And how to create that you will learn from today's video tutorial, which you can watch below.

Don't forget that CSS Image Gallery 2 is still on sale, in case you don't have it. 

Custom Controls and Responsive Parallax Slider

HTML5 Parallax Slider 2 is an amazing Dreamweaver extension, which lets you add as many elements as you need and adjust their position by dragging them fully visual in Dreamweaver design view. You can easily arrange the order of appearance and time transitions to create stunning 3D depth illusion effect. And to top all that, you can add custom controls easily if you follow our tutorial below. Alongside the controls you can designed the slider to be fully responsive for any screen size.

HTML5 Parallax Slider 2 has been improved and is still on sale until tomorrow so get it now.

Beginner's Guide to Dynamic Paging

If you've never had the chance to work with Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator, it's time to give it a chance and explore its powers. It's an amazing extension, which lets you automatically separate your content into single pages. This way your users can browse through parts of it, without getting lost into infinite scrolling. The pagination is fully customizable therefore you can use various sizes and designs to make it match your site perfectly. It also uses extended repeater for client side paging and state management for preserving paging in the URL.

So make sure to check out both video tutorials and get Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator now because it's on sale until Wednesday! 

New to Bootstrap 3? Get Started Now

There's not a single chance that you've never heard of the Bootstrap framework, but how well do you know our tools? We have a complete collection of Bootstrap 3 extensions for Dreamweaver, which were recently improved and are even ready for the dark themed Dreamweaver. It's never late to start using them if you wish to design up to date, fully responsive and user-friendly websites. Below you'll find some useful video tutorials to guide you in the beginning and teach you how to design a website layout, add navigation, some great content and even build a form so make sure to watch them.

Server Data Formatter and Crypto Add-on in Action

Just a day before the official releases of DMXzone Server Data Formatter and it's Crypto Add-on, we have two amazing video tutorials, which will let you experience the power of these two extensions. In the first one you can see how easy it is to use text formatters and how to apply the default value formatter. In the second one, you can see how to ecrypt passwords in your database. So make sure to check out both videos before we make the extensions public tomorrow.

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