Form Validation vs. Security Vulnerabilities


Great new release! Our App Connect Form Validator extension is here to prevent your website from abuse by malicious users or manipulative provided information! Validation of form data is one of the major reasons for security vulnerabilities and it exposes your project to many possible attacks: header injections, automated input, cross-site scripting, SQL injection, hidden field manipulation and buffer overflows. And... hurry up, buy the extension now and save 20%!

App Connect Form Validator - what to expect

Finally! We are about to release the most advanced HTML5 Form Validation ever! Now fully integrated with DMXzone App Connect, you can easily validate html forms, client and server side.

Available 39 validation rules to cover everything: simple e-mail, text fields, URL, dates, credit card numbers and ranges, even more complicated such as multiple rules for a single input. So keep calm and be one of the first ones to get our form validator tomorrow!

Want to see it in action now? Check the showcase below!

Get ready for App Connect Form Validator

We know that you are building now those amazing dynamic App Connect based sites and need more than ever rock solid form validation. That is why we have being working hard to make it all possible and it is now coming up - the App Connect Form Validator

So stay tuned for the release next week!

Hot updates to DMXzone App Connect and Server Connect

To prepare for the upcoming release of the brand new App Connect Form Validator, we have prepared some great updates for DMXzone App Connect and Server Connect.

We have also fixed some urgent issues specially for the Mac users! We had to bypass some freshly introduced bugs with Dreamweaver CC 2017.1 and now everything runs smoothly as expected.

We also took the time to optimize the performance  and speed of the panels, so that everything is clear and fast.

App Connect Action Scheduler coming up!

As you put more dynamic data on your DMXzone App Connect based sites, you want to make sure that even without page refresh the data gets updated regularly. You can do this with the upcoming App Connect Action Scheduler - execute any action of a regular scheduled base. A nice addition is that you can even make a progress bar of the time to next refresh!

So stay tuned for the release tomorrow


Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator 2 coming up!

Now that we release the amazing App Connect State Management extension for empowering the HTML5 Web Storage, you can integrate and go further with the upcoming Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator 2! The new generator is now fully integrated with DMXzone App Connect so you can use any the data bindings from for paging and also connect nicely with the DMXzone Server Connect!

So stay tuned for the release this week and check our the features!


App Connect State Management Released and on Sale!

It is finally here the power to unleash the HTML5 Web Storage solutions - the App Connect State Management. Get it now while it is on Sale!


High Performance Data Caching with Local Storage

When fetching a lot of data for your web page or app, how can you achieve the best performance and user experience? You can already do server side paging with our DMXzone Server Connect and DMXzone Database Connector, but now you can even cache the returned data in the browsers own Local Storage - fully automatically with the upcoming App Connect State Manager!

Check the features and stay tuned for the release tomorrow!


App Connect State Management coming up!

As your App Connect driven dynamic web sites and apps get more complicated, you really want to store the state of many data components to achieve the best user experience. This is where the App Connect State Management Add-on comes in. It offers rich choice of storage managers to fully suit your needs.

Check the highlights and stay tuned for the release this week! 


Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Table Generator 2 Released

So next to amazing Bootstrap 3 Forms now you want to generate quickly cool looking tables as well? Well check out the just released Bootstrap 3  Dynamic Table Generator 2 and its amazing DMXzone App Connect integration! Your tables will be fully generated in just a few clicks! 

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