New Release: Summernote File Upload

January 20, 2021

The first release for 2021 is a handy add-on for the Summernote Editor.
Summernote File Upload allows you to upload any file directly in the editor - images, videos, audio or any other file. The upload is handled by Server Connect, so you can select where do you want your files uploaded and saved. There are ready-made Summernote Upload templates in Server Connect, which help you setup the upload easily.

Now it's easy to upload, resize and/or manipulate an image using the server-side image processing tools and save it in a folder on your server with a single click.

Take advantage of the intro pricing and get it now!

Go to Summernote File Upload


Keep in mind that App Connect Summernote and its add-ons are fully available within Wappler - the DMXzone-made full Dreamweaver replacement and so much more! Why not to give it a try for FREE?

Teodor Kuduschiev

Teodor KuduschievAs a part of the DMXzone and Wappler team, Teodor has a passion for creative web development, using the latest technologies. He's taking care of showcases, tutorials and support for our community.

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