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Updated: Speed Comparison between Server Models

With the release of ASP.NET support in DMXzone Server Connect, which made possible to use all our database driven solutions in Dreamweaver, arose one question. We already knew that ASP.NET is fast but we will lie if we say that we knew how much faster it is, compared to Classic ASP. So we conducted a few tests with Classic ASP, PHP and ASP.NET and the results are mind-blowing. Make sure to check them out below and consider switching from Classic ASP to ASP.NET because the speed difference is impressive.

Update: We were asked about the PHP version used in the comparison so now both PHP5.6 32 bit and PHP7 64 bit are included and you can even see the speed difference between both versions, compared to ASP.NET and Classic ASP. 

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Replace Server Behaviors Part 4

In this next part of the series Replacing Server Behaviors with DMXzone extensions we'll talk about dynamic form elements. The old and deprecated Insert/Update Record Wizard in Dreamweaver is easily replaceable by our Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Generator and it will blow your mind. So make sure to check out the article and the video tutorials. Keep in mind that this extension is a few more hours on sale with 30% discount as part of the Summer Sale.
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Insert, Update and Delete Records the New Way

In the previous two parts of the series we showed you how a database connection is done, how to secure your website and other useful stuff. Now, in Replace Server Behaviors with DMXzone Extensions (Part 3) comes one of the greatest tools we've developed - DMXzone Database Updater PHP/ASP. You can see why it's the better choice, compared to Dreamweaver's deprecated server behaviors, when it comes to inserting, updating and deleting records.

You have time, only until tomorrow, to get these amazing DMXzone extensions with at least 30% discount as part of our ongoing Summer Sale on server side extensions, so hurry up! 

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Replace Server Behaviors with DMXzone Extensions (Part 2)

Two days ago we published an article called Replace Server Behaviors with DMXzone Extensions Part 1, where we spoke about the old, deprecated Server Behaviors and why you should stop using them. Today, we continue with this series and in part 2, you can read how we replaced user authentication with DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP, DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP and HTML5 Form Validator.

Don't forget that our Summer Sale continues and you can get any of these awesome extensions with at least 30% discount, so hurry up if you still don't have them as the offer is only valid until next Tuesday!

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It's Time to Give up Server Behaviors

Do you remember when we first released HTML5 Data Bindings about three years ago? Back then we start talking about dumping server behaviors and going for the client-side development. Today, with a full package of extensions to replace them, included in the Database Connectivity Collection PHP/ASP, we're proud of what we achieved so far. If you're still not convinced about the benefits of using the latest technologies, then our newest article, called Replace Server Behaviors with DMXzone Extensions (Part 1) is just for you.

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