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Design Inspiration With App Connect Swiper

Image galleries, sliders, carousels and slideshows are really popular in the modern web design. App Connect Swiper is one of the most downloaded extensions from the DMXzone design tools.

Being the most advanced mobile-friendly touch slider for Dreamweaver it offers top notch features like hardware accelerated transitions, 3D effects, parallax transitions, touch interactions, flex based layout and many more!

We've collected some of the most popular showcases in this article, so you can get some inspiration for your future projects - make sure to check them below.

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API Data Source in Action

Last week we released the powerful API Data Source extension, which allows you to connect to any data API and use its data on the page. Today we'd like to share two showcases created with it for your inspiration.

First showcase visualizes live stocks data info thanks to thanks to App Connect Charts. You can see how the stocks of 6 big companies performed for a period of an year. The stocks data comes from the IEX API.
The second showcase uses API Data Source extension on a photo search page. We are using the Unsplash API as a data source and display the thumbnails in a Masonry grid. Clicking on any of the thumbnails shows the original-sized images in App Connect Lightbox.

Check the showcases included in this post and don't forget you can get the API Data Source extension with 11% DISCOUNT until November 14th!

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Dynamic Bootstrap 4 Tooltips

Check out latest showcase,  displaying dynamic images, in a Masonry Grid Layout and empowering the Bootstrap 4 tooltips on hover. Another great usage of the DMXzone Bootstrap 4 extensions

Release discount: 11% OFF until October 10th!

Keep in mind that Bootstrap 4 Tooltips are fully available within Wappler - the DMXzone-made full Dreamweaver replacement and so much more! Why not to give it a try for FREE

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Archaeologie Baselland Website with DMXzone Extensions

Today we present you an awesome piece of work that André Bender, the highly talented founder of Swiss Web Factory and long time DMXzone user accomplished, using the Database Connectivity Collection PHP. He started designing and programming websites in 1996 and founded his company in 2001, which is based in Basel, Switzerland. So check out his amazing skills and get inspired from the great job that he did, implementing DMXzone Database extensions on the Archaeologie Baselland Website.

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Real Estate Listing with App Connect Google Maps

Another great showcase for App Connect Google Maps! See our stylish map with custom markers and HTML info balloons for every pin. Zoom and get more info, including an image, price and call-to-action, for each venue!

That's just one more idea about the possible cases when App Connect Google Maps can help your projects!

Don't miss out! Get with 13% release discount now - the promotion is ending today!

See the Showcase

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Showing one-time notifications to your web site visitors

Suppose your are building a web site for some real estate site and the owner wants you to show to all new visitors a single notification about the latest offers. The notification needs to be shown only once so it doesn't disturb the visitors. How can you do all this without any programming? Well this is really easy to do with DMXzone App Connect and the App Connect State Management as shown in the included showcase and "how is made" video

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Amazing Animated Bootstrap 3 Responsive Designs

As we have updated our main Bootstrap 3 Design extensions to work with DMXzone App Connect - you can create some pretty amazing things! Also note that new Bootstrap 3 Generators are coming up that will require the core Bootstrap 3 extensions, so get them while on sale for just a few days more!


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Efficient design in Bootstrap 3 Part #1

We are living in a moment where people are asking for more custom affordable webapp solutions. Just using an opensource system is not enough anymore since more customization is often needed we also need a way to achieve this in a timeless affordable way. 


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Fluent Responsive Design with Great Animations

Doing Responsive design with multiple images sizes and resolutions is always challenging. In our latest showcase we will show you some great features for automatic image sizing and cool animations.


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Improve User Experience with Browser Customization

How many times you wanted to just automatically adjust your page depending on the user browser properties? This is now done with just a few clicks thanks to the new DMXzone App Connect and its DMXzone App Connect Browser Add-on. Check the showcases below


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