App Connect Summernote Released!

November 4, 2020

App Connect Summernote is a simple to configure, lightweight and easy to use WYSIWYG Editor, compatible with Bootstrap 4.

App Connect Summernote allows you to easily edit text, media, tables, fonts and other content visually - just like in Microsoft Word. You can use it to apply styling to any content - from a message on your contact form to a whole article on the back-end.

The Extension's UI allows you to easily customize the toolbars and options.  You can create your own toolbars, give them custom names and select the buttons displayed inside them. This way you can visually group the buttons as you like.
You can also convert any existing textarea in your forms to visual Summernote Editor.

Summernote's Air Mode provides an interface without the standard toolbar. A floating/inline toolbar will appear instead, when you select a part of your text.

Take advantage of the intro pricing and get it now!

Go to App Connect Summernote


Keep in mind that App Connect Summernote is fully available within Wappler - the DMXzone-made full Dreamweaver replacement and so much more! Why not to give it a try for FREE?

Teodor Kuduschiev

Teodor KuduschievAs a part of the DMXzone and Wappler team, Teodor has a passion for creative web development, using the latest technologies. He's taking care of showcases, tutorials and support for our community.

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