Customize Your Bootstrap 3 Generators with Style and Color

May 4, 2017

Use DMXzone Bootswatch for a fresh look of your paging, tables and forms

You think your paging, tables and forms lack style and color? Well, we have just the right tool to combine with your generator extensions. DMXzone Bootswatch is not only a free extension but also features 15 different Bootstrap 3 styles to make everything bright and shiny. Of course, this great collection of themed swatches can be modified even further through the CSS to suit your needs. So make sure to check out the examples below and get it now.


Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator 2

Colorful and dark themes for your paging

Flatly and Cyborg are just two of the 15 swatches you can use to enhance your paging.

Light and simple styles for paging

Among the amazing dark and colorful swatches, DMXzone Bootswatch also contains light themes, if you're looking for simplicity, such as Readable and United .

Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Table Generator 2

Eye-catching colors for your table

The Journal swatch is an awesome theme, which features different colors for your table rows and columns.

Dark-themed tables

Darkly is a great choice if your CMS is designed in dark colors, because it will blend perfectly.

Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Generator 2

Enahnced forms for the best user experience

Superhero is really a hero when it comes to colors that stood out and give your form the final touch. The combination of colors is fantastic and your form will look amazing in it.

Classic look for your forms

If you're in need of a non-complex swatch, then Simplex is the answer as it's simple, basic and matches pretty much any site design.

The Story

So get DMXzone Bootswatch for free and enjoy customizing your Paging, Tables and Forms Generators for the best user experience.

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