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Why You Should Support Wappler

We're happy that Wappler's IndieGoGo campaign turns into a hit! Still not on the train? Check out some reasons why to order your license now:

– All the well-known powerful technologies like App Connect and Server Connect are available as native components within Wappler... but running in better and faster environment.

– Due to the limitations of Dreamweaver, we were unable to implement all the extensions we want to create. Now Wappler depends on our team - we can create amazing things. You know us - we can do it!

– No more Adobe Dreamweaver subscriptions! Pay only for Wappler and create amazing stuff!

– It's a public secret that Dreamweaver's Live View is really bad, so you have to see the actual layout permanently in your browser. Wappler is using Google Chrome for rendering - so you see exactly what it is.

Still not convinced? See what the Dreamweaver Guru Joe Lowery has to say about Wappler here. His books about the web and web-building tools are international bestsellers, having sold more than 400,000 copies worldwide in eleven different languages. He is the author of the Dreamweaver Bible series as well as works on Adobe web workflows, CSS and HTML.

Go to the IndieGoGo Campaign

Please note that DMXzone will continue to be supported and developed. But we're offering to you a real, better alternative with much exclusive content and features.

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Wappler Crowdfunding Launched! Time to Start a Revolution

The Day X is here - Wappler is finally on the track - and it's a winning horse! The biggest DMXzone mystery is revealed: now you know what Wappler will be. The best website builder for dynamic-driven projects ever created!

Let's make history! Become one of our first backers - go to the IndieGoGo campaign and get your perk now!

Go to the IndieGoGo Campaign

Wappler is the most intuitive and innovative web and mobile builder in the world! That's all you need for creating professional application just by yourself. No more coding, focus on creativity, design and ideas! Why so powerful? Just use the built-in components to run the project in the way you want... and you're done! Wappler is suitable for every occasion – small portfolios to big projects: build a fully functional dynamic website in less than 2 minutes, starting from scratch!


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Wappler Goes Crowdfunding on 15th February

Big news today! We're officially announcing that DMXzone's finely developed standalone visual web app creator Wappler will start a crowdfunding campaign on 15th February at 3PM CET!

Learn more on wappler.io

The campaign will be launched on IndieGoGo platform and it will last 1 month. During that time there will be many options (so called 'perks') to get early access to all Wappler features on a special price and even get some T-Shirts or coffee mugs! Do you think it's time to switch to Wappler? The crowdfunding will be your gate!

Even more! You will get eternal fame as one of Wappler's first backers! That's really cool.

Read the FAQs about our team below.

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Improve UX with an Awesome Customized Loading Spinner

That's so easy now! You can quickly improve the user experience of your page just by a simple trick: add a loading spinner or other custom-made preloader in your webpage!

Our newest extension App Connect Preloader will help your visitors know whether your page is loading or not, so that's the best way to tell your users 'Nah, my page is OK, your internet connection is just slow'! It works perfectly in combination with any App Connect extension or custom code.

See live in action in the following showcases: Real Estate Search, Dynamic Table with Preloader, Masonry Grid Portfolio!

Go to App Connect Preloader

You got only 2 days left to order the extension on a special release price!

Improve your UX!

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No More Endless Waiting! Add a Stylish Preloader to Your Website

We continue our efforts in producing best-in-class UX/UI extensions for your projects! Our team released a brand new product in the same spirit: App Connect Preloader.

It allows you to choose from 12 loading spinners or create a custom one in order to display a stylish preloader on any page you want! The extension is CSS-based, there are no old-fashioned GIFs inside. As you already know, you can even create your own, custom preloader: just enter text, choose color and background and you're absolutely done!

Best for mobile users because of the slow 3G/4G connection - let your users know that the website is not broken but just loading :)

See in action in the Masonry Grid Portfolio with Preloader Showcase! Learn more below.

Go to App Connect Preloader

The extension is now online and waiting for you (with a preloader, of course) - get on a special price with our traditional release discount, only until next Tuesday, February 6th.

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Show Your Users That the Page is Loading: App Connect Preloader Preview

We are almost done with the development of our new UI/UX extension: App Connect Preloader! That's the right solution to display your users a stylish preloader - loading spinner or a custom one.

It comes with 12 spinners available, as well as working perfectly with every App Connect extension - galleries, slideshows, masonry grid, etc.

You know that - stay tuned, releasing tomorrow!

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Unleash the Power of Geo Location Services with App Connect Geo Location

Here we go - second brand new release for 2018! Get ready to unleash the power of location services with our newest extension: App Connect Geo Location!

That's the best way to figure out where your users are located and let them share that information with you. Get directions to every place, just show places nearby, or collect all the geo information you need!

Don't forget to check out the usage videos, as well as our live demo Geo Location on Map Showcase.

Go to App Connect Geo Location

The extension is online and fully ready for your projects - get our traditional 20% release discount! And that's not everything... Because of the perfect symbiosis with App Connect Google Maps, we decided to put on sale that extension too! So get now 20% OFF App Connect Geo Location and 13% OFF App Connect Google Maps - the perfect match. Only until Tuesday, 30 January!

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Start Using Users' Position: App Connect Geo Location is Coming Soon

Why not to begin collecting accurate location information about your users? We are about to release App Connect Geo Location - the best way to figure out where your users are located and let them share that information with your server.

Get directions, show places nearby, or just collect geo information about your customers. It's easy!

Fully compatible with App Connect and App Connect Google Maps - that's the extension to expand your knowledge about users on your website and make your services even more accessible.

Stay tuned, releasing tomorrow!

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HTML5 Animate CSS2 Turned Into App Connect Animate CSS

More extension updates! The well-known HTML5 Animate CSS2 was renamed to App Connect Animate CSS. With that update we have added new animation - Jack in The Box to In and Out animations, as well as done many small fine tunings.

You can see it in action in the Animated Photography Portfolio Showcase - there are applied animations to the portfolio images on scroll. Use the extension to animate any elements with stunning animations on page display or even apply on-scroll revealed animation!

Go to App Connect Animate CSS

Update the product from the Extension Manager or get now 20% discount on purchasing the updated App Connect Animate CSS!

The update is free for all existing HTML5 Animate CSS 2 users and customers with active subscriptions.

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Scroll for Details Button on Your Website

It's easy do create trendy websites! Use App Connect Smooth Scroll to add a simple Scroll for Details button in the page header. When clicked, it scrolls smoothly to the Details section.

You can use App Connect Smooth Scroll in combination with HTML5 Animate CSS 2 (stay tuned for news tomorrow...), applied to the images - so they will fade-in nicely during the smooth scrolling.

Check out the showcase here.

Today is your last chance to get 20% release discount on App Connect Smooth Scroll, our first 2018 extension!

Go to App Connect Smooth Scroll

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