DMXzone Security Provider 2 Coming Up Tomorrow!

November 12, 2019

This week we continue with the major updates and improvements for our server-side tools.

One of the most important server-side extensions is getting a huge update - the DMXzone Security Provider. It helps you to easily apply advanced security restrictions to your website or app. Secure the access to your Server Actions build with DMXzone Database Connector 2 and DMXzone Database Updater 2!
Decide who has access to what resources on your website or app. Choose from single static logins or validate users from an existing database, having different permissions.

The new DMXzone Security Provider 2 comes with a totally revamped UI, new advanced permissions options and great speed improvements. DMXzone Security Provider 2 supports PHP, ASP and ASP.NET, so you no longer need 3 different versions for your different projects!

Stay tuned the Security Provider 2 is coming tomorrow



Server Connect Integration

DMXzone Security Provider 2 integrates fully in Server Connect, where you can define your security options fully visual via the easy to use UI.

Support for PHP, ASP and ASP.NET

DMXzone Security Provider 2 is a single extension, which supports PHP, ASP and ASP.NET server technologies, so you can work on multiple projects using different server types!

Single User Security

The most simple way to secure your site and resources is to apply a single user login security for your website. Then, you have just one username and password for all your security needs.

Static Users and Permissions

You can create a whole users list with usernames and password where you can add permissions for each user individually.

Database Users and Permissions

Thanks to the great integration with DMXzone Database Connector 2 you can retrieve the users list dynamically from your database, define permissions and add conditions per permission that define when the permission is valid.

Security Login

Easily add a Login option to your website and authenticate your users securely on your server. Just select your form inputs in the login properties.

Security Logout

Allow your users to log out, by adding a Security Logout step to your server action.

Restrict Access to Server Actions

Secure the access to your Server Actions build with DMXzone Database Connector 2 and DMXzone Database Updater 2. Easily configure the permissions required to access and execute every Server Action.

You have full control over the cookie options - select a domain to apply the cookie to, enter the path for the cookie and select expiration time.

Teodor Kuduschiev

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