HTML5 Slideshow 2 Manual
May 3, 2016

In this article you'll find all the information in order to be able to work with HTML5 Slideshow 2 extension. We covered basic usage such as creating a responsive slideshow, as well as advanced usage - creating dynamic slideshow and creating custom navigation controls. If you experience any troubles with this Dreamweaver tool, contact us via the Live Support or post in the extensions forums.

Table of Contents

Before you begin

How to install extensions from DMXzone

Learn how to install DMXzone extensions

HTML5 Slideshow 2 Reference

More detailed overview of the features

Responsive slideshow with custom navigation

Responsive HTML5 Slideshow 2

Learn how to create a responsive HTML5 Slideshow 2

Custom Navigation Controls for HTML5 Slideshow 2

Add custom control buttons to the HTML5 Slideshow 2

Slideshow from a folder list or from a dynamic source

Display Images From a Folder with HTML5 Slideshow 2

Use a folder on your server as a dynamic data source for HTML5 Slideshow 2

Dynamic HTML5 Slideshow 2

Dynamic, database driven HTML5 Slideshow 2
How to install extensions