Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Table Generator Manual

June 22, 2016

Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Table Generator Reference

If want to know what's included in the Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Table Generator, then you came to the right place. In this article you can explore all the options and see what they do. Even customization is super easy so your tables looks amazing, no matter on what device they're displayed.


Data Source

Choose the data source for your table. It could be HTML Data Bindings data source or from a dynamic source. In order to create a table from a dynamic source, you need to have a database connection and a query, which requires DMXzone Server Connect and DMXzone Database Connector extensions.

Table options

Table orientation

There are two types of table orientation to choose from: horizontal and vertical. Vertical tables are usually used to display detailed info.


Add zebra-stripes to the table.


Add borders on all sides of the table.


Enable hover state on table rows.


Makes a table more compact by cutting cell padding in half.


Make your table responsive so it looks great on any desktop browser or mobile device.

Super-smart table generation

The table is automatically generated from your data source. You can rearrange the displayed data however you want and also delete the one you don't need.

Field properties


Add titles or headers for each table column. You can also use dynamic data for them.


If you need to edit your table, simply add a different field value from the automatically generated one.