CSS Image Gallery 2 Manual

August 22, 2016

CSS Image Gallery 2 Reference

In this article you'll find more detailed overview of the features, included in CSS Image Gallery 2. Among others, the extension comes with great integration with HTML5 Data Bindings so you can supply the images from a local file or public feed. Also the options in this extensions allow you to customize the appearance of the gallery however you want.


Great integration with HTML5 Data Bindings

Supply the images for the CSS Image Gallery 2 from HTML5 Data Bindings local file or public feed. Choose from the many feed such as: Flickr, Picasa and other.

CSS Image Gallery 2 directly from dynamic sources

Use HTML5 Data Bindings and DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP to connect to your images.

64bit Dreamweaver support

CSS Image Gallery 2 runs smoothly even on 64bit Dreamweaver.

Fluid effects with CSS animations

Due to the intelligent scaling the gallery automatically adjusts to the images aspect ratio when image sizes are different.

Preview of images, title and description

Awesome preview of your images, title and description directly in the User Interface.

Full support for the DMXzone Behavior Connector

You can easily bind other DMXzone extensions to your slides.

Fully controllable by behaviors

You can choose between many great actions.