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Ajax Event Calendar

February 5, 2010 by Bjørn Hanto

Some time ago I had a "passionate love affair" with the Interakt Calendar. It has been deeply missed since Adobe annihilated so many of the really nice Interakt products.

So I am happy to see this product entering the market.

However I would like to see more functionality. I would like to see this product more thightly integrated with solutions such as DMXZone calendar. I will definitely start using this product but still look forward to the next version.


Needs two servers?
January 24, 2012 by douglas Burrell

The script looks nice but I was unable to get it to actually work. Tech Support seems to think it's beacuse I have my production server and testing server as one physical server or I'm setting it up wrong in Dreamweaver 5.5. Both maybe true, I don't know.

But since I have 132 sites on the server and am connecting via php to 115 mySQL databases for everything from ecommerce to dental chart audit system all written in PHP I hesitate to change my server configuration for a calendar script.

dmxZone still creates some great Dreamweaver extension in my opinion, but I think this one may need a little more attention or a wider lattitude in its connection criteria.

Don't bother
December 19, 2012 by Jake Guerin

I recently purchased this extention and found it to be very buggy! When engaged support they were not very helpful and in fact kept resolving my open issue even though I continued to have issues with this.  I have been a DMX Zone user for many years and rarely had issues. However with this experience I'm hesitant to purchase any further extensions. Very disappointed how this was handled!