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DMXzone Tabs

DMXZone Tabs
February 10, 2012 by Cinema Pete

I just purchased the DMXZone Tabs: This is a preliminary review because I just purchased and installed the tabs control and just had to tell about my initial experience with it.  I want to congratulate DMX Zone on this outstanding tab control.  First, I had no issues with installation (after I recalled my user id and password, that is, to complete the install). After installation I restarted Dreamweaver (I'm running CS3).  Before using the control I downloaded the PDF just to be sure I properly added the component to my test page.  At first, it didn't work because I didn't add it correctly.  So I removed all the code and started again. After following the very clear instructions in the PDF it worked perfectly.  Be certain to follow the instruction in the PDF, they are very clear and simple, you should have no issue with it.  After adding the tab control I played with it to add additional tabs, and then changed content in each tab.  Wow! is all I can say.  This is a dynamite control and for the price it is a tremendous bargain.  Thanks DMX Zone for this control and the great price!  

great extension - counterpart for accordeon
February 23, 2012 by Greta Garberini

works great and as expected! Regrettably it lacks any support for dynamic content. Websites nowadays use php/mysql a lot. Creaton of static tabs is easy and very well designed, though.