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Google Sitemap Generator 2

Works great
June 23, 2005 by Diane Sinicrope
I just downloaded the sitemap generator, installed it in Dreamweaver, used it to generate a sitemap for a client's site, and submitted it to Google. It took less than 20 minutes. It worked flawlessly.
Excellent extension for static websites
June 25, 2005 by German Serrano
I found it very useful for static web sites. It has only a couple bugs, eg: when you change the site you're working on DW you have to select the correct path for your file, but seems that George is working hard on these bugs. I think it's a pretty aproach to a error-free extension (maybe we'll see it on 1.0.3?) and hope that maybe there will be a pro extension for dinamic sites soon. Thanx for this one George!
Pretty good, could use enhancement
July 27, 2005 by Fiona Dudley
The Google Sitemap Generator was easy to use and arrived just in time, thank you Mr. Petrov. It did a good job with the priorities. Wish this extension could be 'extended' to include additional xml data such as date files last changed, expected frequency of change, etc.
Does not work
January 18, 2006 by Stephanie Stephanie
Tried upgrading to the new Dreamweaver and this tool still does not work.  Contacted the author, but not reply.  Waste of time.
doesn't work...
February 7, 2006 by Tal H
in Dreamweaver 4 like stated on the download page!
pretty good
February 16, 2006 by megan taylor
This extension follows relative links only, so if you have links referenced with, these links are not followed or indexed. Also, this extension follows dynamic links on a page, but gets confused when the characters / or & are in the querystring. All in all, quite acceptable, but its result requires further fiddling.
Almost great
February 28, 2006 by tom reilly
George, Great little extention and work fine on my Mac. But when i generate the file it does not List everypage? any ideas! Thanks
Lousy tool for webmasters and search engine optimization
March 14, 2006 by Patti Thompson
As mentioned before, it doesn't follow full paths, so is useless unless you're using relative links.
April 15, 2006 by Ron Harden
Works just exactly as advertised. (you have to submit the list to google yourself) Good job and Thanx George!
May 24, 2006 by Mark Westwood
Works great - thanks
May 26, 2006 by Nikolay Dimitrov
It works, but only for some sites. If you have a site that uses a CMS and you add content on-line, this extension is not for you.
One Issue
June 2, 2006 by Rupert Porter
I think this addon is great but unfortunately, it doesnt put capitals in your urls which can be a big problem...
Great tool!
June 6, 2006 by ric _ep
Great tool!
Dreamweaver 4?
June 13, 2006 by Gary Smith
The description says it's for Dreamweaver 4, but my Dreamweaver 4 says you need Dreamweaver 6 (whatever that is...) So couldn't install it...
Installed Perfectly
June 16, 2006 by Paul Rushton
This installed perfectly on Dreamweaver 8, and generated a pretty-good looking XML file. 
Now to see if Google "likes" it !
Works great on DW8 and MX 2004
July 3, 2006 by Fiona Dudley
I've used this extension with both MX 2004 and DW 8 (on Win XP Pro) and it works absolutely perfectly. Keep in mind, actually submitting the sitemap is a separate step you take with Google. If you are still using DW 4 or Ultradev, any problems are more likely due to Extension Manager issues which in those days, were not straightforward - you had to install the extension manager separately so be sure that's working right. Also, dynamically-generated URLS can't be spidered 'for the most part' - a sitemap mimics what the spider can actually crawl. This extension could actually serve as a good SEO tool in that respect.
can't crawl
July 6, 2006 by Jason Nah
It can't crawl .. . only stays on the first level.
works fine
August 16, 2006 by yes maybe
Thanks George, It works fine with DW8. Bear in mind that your site homepage in DW8 as located under site > edit > advanced > site map layout > needs to be set to the correct local page.
Bug in Generator
August 20, 2006 by Lennart Holmquist
Generator did not work properly for me. The last modified date year were all given as the year 1936. The months and days did not reflect correct modification dates. I am using the Generator with Dreamweaver MX on a MacBook Pro.
Didn't Work DW MX PHP Pages
August 23, 2006 by Gene Cotton
Ah darn. I was hopinh I would be one of the lucky ones who gets to post... "Work's Great!" But alas...
this only works on static sites...
August 30, 2006 by Gary Chelak
This extension errs out on sites with Ajax. It will do database-driven sites, but only the pages linked to from the main page in the nav area - not links that are database content dependent. Google's webmaster page shows how to provide a much more detailed version, but it takes some hand-work.
September 3, 2006 by Jenny Prevel
Worked great for me.  Thank you.
Does not index
September 10, 2006 by Carl Benton
When it finally produced an xml file and not a random error, the file only contained the index file! Why does it not index past the first file?
done in less than 5 minutes
September 20, 2006 by Bob Gomia
After reading several of the reviews I was skeptical if this would create a successful sitemap correctly. From start to finish I was done in less than 5 minutes. I downloaded the software and ran the program. I then opened Dreamweaver and under Command was the Generate Google Sitemap. Once I clicked the link it indexed my 490 plus page wedding invitation site. Then I FTP the file. What a relief and thanks for this extension!
worked first time
September 21, 2006 by Giles Beckley
read the posts already here and was in 2 minds whether to give a try - and I was glad I did!! Worked without a challenge on the first site I tried it on. Downloaded, installed, run and uploaded the results within 2 minutes. Can't wait to see how it copes with my other much more complex CF sites. Run on DW MX 2004, Win XP Pro SP 2
Access Denied error message
October 3, 2006 by David Mr.
For anybody getting an "Access Denied" error message when trying to generate a new Google Sitemap: make sure your template/site does not use a href="/" to link back to the homepage of your site. As soon as we changed our links in our sites to "index.htm (or whatever), the extension ran ok. Hope this helps.
Google Feed
October 9, 2006 by James James
Works great after memory upgrade.
index only?
October 19, 2006 by Frank Gilbane
installation was easy, but I can't get it to index anything below the index page. The navbar has links that are in an include in .htmlf files maybe that's a prob?
I like it
November 12, 2006 by Zeljko Vujanovic
I like this generator!
everything ok with install but
May 29, 2007 by Göran Arvidson
no sitemap.xml file in my root folder though a message says that there´s been one created. I´ve reinstalled GSG but it still won´t work. Help, please :-)
Dreamweaver 8.0.2
July 19, 2007 by Kyle Winkler
Easy to install. Easy to use. Now let's see what Google does with.
Google Sitemap Generator
July 31, 2007 by Mark Manuel
Was recommended by a friend and it was easy. Many customizable features to explore.
Does what it says on the tin
November 15, 2007 by Tony Hancock
Great tool. Many thanks
generating sitemap
July 21, 2008 by Ian Kemeys

I have used the sitemap generator for a while and on most of my sites it generates the .xml file in under one minute.

October 29, 2008 by V Williams

The first time I have downloaded any DW extension - installed in seconds, and produced the sitemap in even fewer seconds. Fantastic - thanks!

January 20, 2009 by Dave Potter

What a great extension.  I was really down because I could forsee a tedious couple of hours putting together by hand the Google sitemap for my site.  Even taking into account the download, install and running of the extension it took less than 10 minutes to produce the sitemap.  Boy does it produce it fast!

works great!
March 19, 2009 by Phillip Barron

I'm using Dreamweaver CS3 on OS X... built a sitemap in seconds. Saves me tons of time for each client. Thanks.



It works!
June 9, 2009 by az art

It works! Using Dreamweaver mx 2004-  Initially did not show up in commands, even tho, the extension managers waid it was installed.

activated/deactivated a couple of times. it ended up working.

Make sure you restart dreamweaver! Now :) I have to understand the priority things :) 

Works great but can i change the frequency tags ?
November 24, 2009 by Warren Downes

Works great but can i change the frequency tags ? , it seems to pick its own frequency sometimes hourly which goolgle may frown upon if i am actually not updating that often. Can i disable the frequency somehow.


Sitemap generator
January 9, 2010 by Peter Ohlsson

This sitemap generator is not good enough at finding all the pages on my site which is only medium large (250 pages or so). I have to spend a lot of time manually inserting pages. The autodetection need to be improved.

Otherwise it is fine!


January 12, 2010 by Cam Grant

Fantastic plugin! Usually plugins have bugs and points at which you have to question the programmer's understanding of people like me who just want to click and submit. Well... George Petrov is a superstar!!!!! He is one the rare people who write intuitively; knowing that once the page is created, you will want to save it to Dreamweaver, then submit it.... and he knows what search engines are out there....besides Google. This guy is a treasure.

Other people might have questions about the code...but for a guy like me, when something works this well, I give it a 10/10. 

Thank you George,

Cameron Grant 

July 21, 2010 by Julie Holmes

I downloaded this and had to 'noodle around' a bit before making it all work. NOTE: quit DW first, then activate download, then restart DW and then go to Commands and you'll see that you can generate a sitemap.

Very cool download!

Thanks so much!


Not work with MAc OS X 10.5.8 and DW CS4
September 6, 2010 by Esa Damski

Extension crashes/freeze my DW when I startup it (it spinning "beach ball" forever).

Works fine in Mac OS X 10.5.8
November 4, 2010 by David Russell

Sorry Esa, but you're doing something wrong. I've just loaded it into Dreamweaver CS4 on Intel iMac running 10.5.8 and it works perfectly. Make sure you instal the extension using extension manager from within Dreamweaver, then quit Dreamweaver and it should work without any problems. Brilliant solution - thanks!

Also works with DW CS5
January 30, 2011 by Jack Dohan

I found this extension usefull, effectif and easy expalined. Since I used it my website could be better found on google. Thank u for givn us this for free.

January 31, 2011 by Tamara Bonnar

Worked really well for me in DW CS4.  Thank you!

Thank you very much!
May 28, 2011 by Zane Slocombe

I spent longer searching for a sitemap generator than I did installing this fantastic add-on. I came across a multitude of dodgy sites who wanted me to install files or code on my server, or tried to install malicious software (java exploits picked up very effectively by Microsoft Security Essentials). Which shows there is quality stuff for free.

Google Sitemap Generator intergrated easily with Dreamweaver CS5 and virtually automated the whole process. The app was well presented so I automatically trusted it, I'll go back now and verify the code but I trust everything will be good or I'll be back to review my five stars. Thanks for a great tool.

Google Sitemap generator
June 27, 2011 by Jane Burt

Awesome tool! George, you've done it again! Thank you for creating this wonderful, time saving tool. And, like that's not enough, it's FREE! :-)

Version 2 Gives Me "Insufficient Memory" Message
October 27, 2011 by Paul Liles

The original sitemap worked fine.  Now I get insufficient memory message from DW ... with 16GB of memory installed?

Not work with MAcOS X 10.6.8 and DW CS5
November 3, 2011 by Thom Schuldt


Extension Manager says, that Extension cannot be installed



Not work with MAC OSX 10.6.8 and DW CS5
November 3, 2011 by Heather Rekalske

Open Dreamweaver.

Select Manage Extensions ... from the Commands dropdown menu.

Click the Install icon.

Browse to find the GoogleSitemap201.mxp package and click the Open button in the browse dialog box.

A new entry will appear in the Adobe Extension Manager Dialog box. The Installed column should display northeast directional arrow next to "Google" indicating the installation was successful.

Close the dialog box.

Quit DreamWeaver.

Restart DreamWeaver. 

You can run this command by choosing Commands > Generate Google Sitemap... 

Getting a JS Error during Analyzing files...
November 21, 2011 by Jacqueline Sowell

The extension worked well when site mapping another domain in my site. Not sure what is different here, except that there are 60,000 files in this domain. And setting the generator up to catalogue the files has been strangely tricky.

Dreamweaver Error Message:

While executing timer in dmxGoogleSitemapProgress.htm, the following Javascript error occurred:

At linke 117 of file


getDocumentDOM: Argument number 1 is invalid.

Getting a JS Error during Analyzing files... when analyzing PDF
November 21, 2011 by Jacqueline Sowell

Just wanted to add to my previous post, it's happening when the generator gets to a pdf file. Just tried it on another, small domain and the same error occurred.

I love the tool. I could really use a fix.

Causes Crashes to CS3 and CS5.5
February 15, 2012 by Greg Hartford

Similar to what someone else experienced, this causes Dreamweaver CS3 and CS5.5 to crash (Mac OS 10.7.3 Lion with 12 GB memory). The Javascript seems to want to time out. I have no idea if this is the cause. The website has 1,600 - 1,700 pages with many jpg files. When I finally got it to make it though, I received a message saying it has to complete it in Native mode. When finished, it fell far short of the actual files in the site and it is impossible to figure out what is missing since nothing is alphabetical. The resulting XML file is only 150KB. A fix or solution would be great.

Issue with Canonical Tag
February 19, 2012 by Greg Hartford

I have just discovered an issue that appears to happen when the canonical meta tag is used on a page. The site map generator creates a link on the site map as

Can't install Googlesitemap201.mxp on MacBookPro OX10.64
March 29, 2012 by ANDREW CARNIE

I wonder if you can help. I can't install Googlesitemap201.mxp. It sounds useful from reviews.

I have down loaded Googlesitemap201.mxp. site to my computer.

However the CS5 Extension manager will not install it message come up reading 'This extension can not be installed, it requires Dreamweaver 7 or greater.

I have checked and I seem to have Dreamweaver 11.

What can I do?

great extension
May 12, 2012 by Ronny Davis

it is great extension and also I found it great for keeping google, MSN, yahoo update from sitemap.xml . I like it  I create site map for my SEO Company site.

Google Sitemap Generator 2
This does not do what I needed it to do. I needed to generate a list of all the webpages in my site with the title as a link.
Very convenient
March 19, 2020 by Mike Jones
Works fine for me. I'd tried on previous versions of Dreamweaver and now with the latest 2020 (Creative Cloud) version.