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Flash Album Generator 2

Flash Album Generator
July 14, 2005 by Colin Jackson
This is a great addition to my tool kit! This extension enabled me to get a clients picture gallery on-line in minutes. The instructions are detailed and the GUI is very easy to use I have created image galleries in Flash before, and it took me hours to do! This is well worth the purchase. Colin Jackson-Great Orb Studios
Album Generator
July 14, 2005 by Jonathan Weiner
Definately adds a well needed level of control to this great Flash Gallery. Not having to edit the xml file manually is worth the cash outlay for this great extension. George, I'd love to see the ability to change the type size of the descriptions, and would go crazy over the ability to change the size and resolution of the image as well. Seeing as this hooks into Fireworks, I can see that happening at some point. These minor things aside, I holeheartedly endorse the purchase of this great product. My productivity is increasing in a way that goes right to my bottom line...offering high-impact galleries to my customers in a very time efficient way. Thanks, George...oh, and btw, a GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE experience too. I had some issues with the Mac version....George fixed the problem and had me up and running in under 3 hours. KUDOS!!!!!
Another Professional Extension !
July 15, 2005 by Marcellino Bommezijn
Have been using all of the DMXZONE extensions from the start and decided to add this extension to my collection also. The extension interface is intuitive as always and guides you through all necessary steps to create your flash album. Enough options to fit within any website design (colors, fonts, size) and therefore a great addition in offering webcustomers a professional looking and (fast)working flash photo album.

Also for personal use it is really great. Converted already some of my holiday photos into the flash photo album instead of those common HTML photo albums.
I LUV it
July 15, 2005 by Mehmet Sinan akdeniz
I love this extension.This is really worth the purchase. Easy use and create album in a minute.
The instructions are detailed and just click a buttons 1-2-3 that's it. This is great extension for photopgraphers.

Mehmet Sinan Akdeniz
Photographer and Web Designer
A Flash Picture Album is Worth LOTS of Saved Time!
July 15, 2005 by Digital Design
I have been searching high and low for months to find an online photo gallery generator that is as sleek, stylish and EASY TO USE as the Flash Album Generator. EXCELLENT EXTENSION! This is definately a MUST-HAVE for any serious web developer's tool kit. Highly Recommended with a Cherry on Top! -Monica Knutson, Creative Director, Digital Design Services, Inc.
July 19, 2005 by Shelley Bezona
So simple and easy to use. Did not read the instructions and was still able to use it!
Terrific tool
July 19, 2005 by John O'Melia
The Flash Album Generator is a great tool. I recently photographed a dance recital with 30 different dances. I was able to make a Flash album for each dance and load it on a cd for the dance studio owner in just a few hours. It's a slick product. Jack O'Melia, freelance web designer
Great product!
July 19, 2005 by Leslie Davidson
I am thrilled with this product! I needed to offer a client a gallery that would be easy to use by a lot of non-technical people who have had little, if any, exposure to the web. This extension answered my prayers!

Instead of having to spend several hours putting something similar together, it was ready in about five minutes - and the client was thrilled!! His site members are very happy!

Thanks a ton,
Quick and easy
July 19, 2005 by Cris S
I've been trying different programs to find a Easy image viewer and I finally found it.  I couln't believe how easy it was to use.  It is definitely worth the money.  I look forward to updates in the near future.  I would love to be able to resize the thumbnails.
Resizing Gallery Title
July 19, 2005 by Jothy John
Love the product and ease of use. Just wondering if I am missing out on something here. Is it possible to resize the Gallery title? If the answer is no, than this would be a nice feature
Simple and Effective
July 20, 2005 by Scott Walker
I agree with most of the praise on these reviews. The transitions are smooth and classic, the thumbnails are great, and the ease of installation is fabulous. If you could change the font sizes (either manually or through CSS), it would be the perfect product.
Love it
July 21, 2005 by Seb Adlington
Does just what it says on the tin. I think this had got to be the easiest extension to use I've ever worked with, and the output is superb. If you haven't got it yet then buy it today, you won't regret it! Thanks George
I can do FLASH!!!
July 26, 2005 by Pat Johnson
This is the first extension I have ever bought and I have been using Dreamweaver since ver. 3 and the free extensions. This has got to be the easiest extension and most fantastic one to use! I have been using PhotoShop for my web photo albums but this is just so unbelievable to use. It's going to cost me time though since I want to redo all my photo albums with it. The results are exactly what I have been trying to achieve, but have not had the time to learn Flash to create. It is well worth the money. Now, I can do flash photo albums with a few clicks! Way to go, George! Thank you a zillion times! Looking foward to more !
Power Tool
July 30, 2005 by jan jorgensen
After a few difficulties getting started, due to my OS screen settings, i was up and running in NO TIME! As a photographer it's always important to show your pictures in the best possible way, spending minimum time preparering them. This extension does the job better than anything i've seen until now!!! As it is the first version there off course is a few more features you could wish was included, but that does not damage the general impression of an extension worth every single buck! Keep on developing!
Gallery Title
August 22, 2005 by ivano Confalone
It should be indicated that it is compulsory to enter a Gallery Title otherwise - at least in Mac OS X - the XML file is not created. I would love to be able to edit text and the arrows. Otherwise really useful and great extension.
Amazing program
September 18, 2005 by Ynze Flietstra
This is a great timesaving program and really easy to use. Naturally there are always more you want (f.e. comment by the photo's, but it is possible if you change in the XML-file the text by <Caption>). The photobook on my website is a succes!!
Works great with me
February 16, 2006 by Angulo Barrios

It's amazing what now I can do with the new Flash Album Generator 2. (Don't use abreviations for it) :)

Excelent product.

March 10, 2006 by w eusterbrock
Its a great update i have more contrlol on the xml file.
March 10, 2006 by w eusterbrock

This extension is very easy to use and very time saving.

Building this in flash takes a lot of time.
Without learning the tutorials is very easy to do.

great extension
December 1, 2006 by colin campbell
This is a great extension. Didn't even look at the instructions. See:
RE: Flash Album Generator
January 15, 2007 by Ken Toh
A great software. Never once regret purchasing the program during 2006 chirstmas offer. =) It had save me alot of time and yet I am able to generate a sleek and smooth photo website. Maybe I should post as a user demo? hehe