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Active Slideshow

August 28, 2005 by George Campbell
Just purchased the slideshow it is nice but not very customizable. For the money there are other products that let me control the fades and pans. see
Quick and Beautiful Image Display
August 29, 2005 by Stephanie R
I wasn't sure what to expect but this extension delivers a beautiful slideshow with just a few clicks! Now when you can control each slide individually, it'll be perfect! Great extension as is. I will have some very happy customers!
Very easy with great results
August 30, 2005 by Mike Brenard
This extension couldn't be easier to use and the slideshow itself looks really impressive. I'm really pleased with it and can think of lots of different ways of using it. I agree with some other posts though, that making it more customisable would make it even better.
Great extension
August 31, 2005 by Warren Downes
Great program it only takes about a minute or so to create a great slideshow, i can highly reccomend this one.
August 31, 2005 by Colin Jackson
Another great addition! ActiveSlideShow extension is a very slick tool that has enabled me to create a very cool slide show in minutes. Well worth the price of admission! Thanks George for another time saver. Colin Jackson—Great Orb Studios
One Sweet Extension!
September 1, 2005 by Mike Hicks
This extension produces some of the best slide shows I have seen without the necessity of loading my video editing is sweet!
This is a great extension
September 1, 2005 by jeanne haber
This is a much needed Dreamweaver extension. If you've ever spent a week coding the pan and zoom thing in Flash and importing it into Dreamweaver, you will get the value of this extension immediately. 

I love how easy it is to switch in new jpg files using the xml page. I love how fast it loads.  Believe me. I have tried just about everything out there and nothing this inexpensive gives photos so much emotional impact on the web.
Active Slide Show
September 2, 2005 by chirico cosimo
Very Great Extension for a Magic slide presentation. Thanks DmxZone.
I've just put into some website... wonderfull. (Foto Album) (this is a essai...)
Integration with PowerPoint
September 4, 2005 by Nikki Cade
This is a fantastic extension with unlimited uses. Not only can it be used in an html file it can also be used in PowerPoint presentations. Just create the files using the Dreamweaver extension and then create a PowerPoint presentation in the same directory and add the .swf file to the presentation. Just ensure the .xml file is called slideshow.xml and everything works a treat.

Thanks George this will save me lots of work as well as impressing my clients. What a brilliant extension!
RE: Active Slide Show
September 5, 2005 by Rob Reilly
Just purchased. is there any "Read Me" or "How To" file for this product...or do I wing it?...Thanks
RE: Active Slide Show
September 5, 2005 by chirico cosimo
It's very simple to use. It's 360° usefull. But missing about a Time effects programming...
September 6, 2005 by James Ehlers
Slideshow with the new features (don't loop and the goto) is a wonderful extension
Excellent Extension - Huge Timesaver
September 13, 2005 by Christopher Ashe
I recently purchased the Active Slideshow to create a flash sequence on my financial services website.  The random application of transitions is an excellent way to make a big impact with very little effort.  I have no flash experience whatsoever but did not need it with Active Slideshow...I just put a series of images in a directory and the extension did all the work.  Chek it out...

Great work George.  Sounds like more cool features are on the way.
Cool, easy to use.
September 13, 2005 by Eric Gooch
I was looking for something that went a little beyond a standard rotating slideshow, and found this.   It's super easy to set up, and I'm happy with the results.   See it at my site:   I would recommend it to anybody considering adding a more dynamic show of still images.   -Eric Gooch
Don't Buy This Extension!
September 21, 2005 by S *
It is awesome and I would prefer to be one of very few people enjoying it and producing these kinds of goods.
This Extension Rocks!
September 24, 2005 by Peter Barron
The slide shows created are absolutely captivating to the typical visitor. It loses it's 2D "flatness" and becomes a 3D interactive show! Here are some examples on our site:
RE: Slideshow
September 28, 2005 by mickey Williamson
I agree. Neat idea but was disappointed with the lack of control over ordering the pictures and panning and zooming. Great start to the extension, just needs more features.
RE: Slideshow
September 30, 2005 by Justin Reid

I must admit, more control would be nice however for my plans not essential (BTW, don't think too much of slideroll).
I esspecially like the fact that it's controlled (in it's way) by XML, I didn't realise this when the extension was first released so I kept away, now I realise that link it in with dynamic sites I'm much more impressed (the only other extension I bought from UDZ - html editor stops you from tinkering - glad you can to a degree with this) and I'll be buying the bundle soon  - If any one doesn't know, the gallery runs from an XML file as well.

My only request (at the moment) would be for the ability to overlay a positioned static image such as a logo - this would be ideal for photographic sites where copyright is paramount.

I must be the only one that finds Active Slide show rather inadequate for customization.
October 9, 2005 by Dan Faust
I am using Active Slideshow and find that it offers very little in the area of control. The photos transition in a random manner that does not allow me to choose where they begin to zoom in or out with the Ken Burns effect. I cannot get anything close to the results of the samples on this page. Can anyone advise.
Highly Recommend!
October 31, 2005 by Peter McPhee

I just purchased Active Slide Show today and it’s already in use. After a few test runs, it is quite easy master. True, you cannot configure the transitions, but hey, that’s just more work. I think it is perfect. I put it to use for my wedding snaps

Good work George, thanks.



November 3, 2005 by Pat Johnson
Easy to use and just the greatest results. My co-workers think i have spent hours creating the slideshows.
November 25, 2005 by Dennis Field
Active Slideshow doesn't work well with larger images -- I had in mind 800 x 600, but there's way too much flicker. I wish I could turn off the Burns effects. Also, I don't like all of the transitions, but can't control them. So until more control is incorporated into the extension, I can't use it. Incredibly creative, though.
RE: Control
December 16, 2005 by George Petrov
Check out the new Active Slideshow PRO! It gives you all the control you need.