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Active Slideshow Pro

January 2, 2006 by Rene Bandsma

I have searched for a good solution for displaying images from a XML a long time!

Thanks to this extention I can create a XML file with the extention and let my Content System update the XML file.... perfect!

Maybe I kind of API PDF-document would be great if you're planning to write the XML file manually.

Nice Extension
January 2, 2006 by Doug Hays

Works good and makes images much more interesting to view.

Five Stars +
January 4, 2006 by John Schnell

I have purchased over 20 extensions in the last 12 months, and Active Slide Show Pro is by far my favourite.

As a professional photographer, I have been dreaming of an easy-to-use extension which would allow me to showcase the images I place on the websites I build for clients. Active SlideShow Pro 1.0.2 is the answer to my dreams... and then some!

I found the learning curve to be exceptionally short. Within minutes, I produced my first movie ( While the PDF guide was very helpful in the beginning, I must admit that after the first couple of hours, I have not found the need to refer back to it! Which means (of course) that the overall design is VERY INTUITIVE.

This extension provides a full range of image-motion capabilities, with the added benefit that you can include drop-in text and audio tracks, all from the same interface. I suspect that Active SlideShow Pro will become a MUST HAVE for everyone looking to add some pizzazz to their web site introductions, photo galleries, and stand-alone marketing presentations.

Bravo! Fantastico! Great Job!

Active Slideshow Pro
January 30, 2006 by Dave Heggie

This extension has been fantastic. A word of warning, do not use progressive jps as they do not show in Flash players before 8. George was able to help me out with that and now progressing strongly. Will use this extension whenever I have lots of images to display within websites.

With the xml file I can update the shows easily.

Not hard to use. Have a look at for lots of examples using Active Slideshow Pro with more to come as I continue building this site for the Artist Anna Heggie.

PS this is the FIRST extension I have purchased (the rest I use have been freebees), and it HAS been worthwhile. (yes shouting!)

active slideshow pro
January 31, 2006 by paul schoenmakers

This is what I have been looking for ! Using the extension on a website is just as easy as 1,2,3. But even better is the integration in powerpoint. The first slide in my powerpoint presentations is from now on an (active slideshow pro) flash with pictures or contents of the presentation which is running when the audience is entering the room. No more dull "desktopviews" starting the presentation. Excellent job George

A dreamy extension for Dreamweaver
February 1, 2006 by Carole Hamilton

WOW - Active Slideshow Pro enabled me to implement my client's photo show in record time. I was shaking my head in amazement when I saw the final result. Easy to figure out the simple yet powerful interface, and it quickly produced a snazzy looking slideshow. Very fine extension -- I'll use it often.

RE: Great Product - but it has some warts!
August 17, 2006 by Frank Beverdam

Hi Johnny,

We've updated the manual, please take a look and e-mail me if you have any other suggestions.

RE: Great Product - but it has some warts!
February 19, 2007 by Johnny Blew
Just wanted to refresh my previous review. They did improve the manual a bit. That's nice to see they respond to their users. In my opinion, for what you get, and compared to the many new options available, this component is substantially overpriced. You can buy entire toolsets of Flash components for less than this and many other slideshow components sell for around $20. IMHO these guys are going to need to address this or perish! Finally, although I really like the effects possible with this component, we may be replacing it with something else due to resource usage. I have noticed on some of our projects that use this component, the local computer resource usage goes above 75%!!! It has nothing to do with the speed of the net connection (we are using broadband at both ends) and it does this even when the images are already in the local cache. The biggest image is 55k but maybe this is related to the size on the screen; they are 750 wide by 220 tall. If anyone has any tips on improving the performance I'd like to hear them before we move on to something else. Thanks.
Encore Review
October 30, 2007 by John Schnell

I posted my first review of Active Slide Show Pro 1.0 in January 2006.

I remain a most enthusiastic user! Since then, I have built over twenty-five web sites, each of them using one (or more) Active Slide Shows.

I believe Active Slide Show Pro 1.5x is one of the major reasons why my web design business continues to grow. Every new client has requested a slide show  -- and as the product has matured over the past two years, I have found new uses for the new capabilities. 

My newest project takes advantage of the text capabilities of the slide show -- for a "sneak peak" see: This is a site that is still under development, for a Sea Kayaking company in Alaska. The Active Slide Shjow really helps the images of whales and kayakers to come to life!

John Schnell