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Pure ASP Upload 3

Pure ASP Upload 3 is a Welcome Update!!!
June 19, 2006 by gregbo watson

Like most users of previous versions of the PAU series, I have been anxiously awaiting the release of version 3. I am pleased to report that Pure ASP Upload 3 does live up to the hype...

Speed As advertised: the speed increase is nothing short of dramatic.

Progress Bars: The new handling of progress bars is a welcome addition! They work better than previous versions... supplying more file related info and offering MUCH better visual designs. These should satisfy the needs of any client.

Extension Interface: As a Mac User, I am particularly happy with the new extension interface. Over the past few extensions and updates George Petrov has released, I have noticed that the interface on the Mac has been getting better and better. This is the best incarnation on the Mac to date. In short... IT LOOKS REALLY COOL ON THE MAC! The interface in general is much cleaner. Also amazingly, with having doubled the abilities of PAU 3, the options seem to take less space and are much clearer to understand.

The developer support is tremendous. George reads the boards and is constantly working to better his extensions. Its refreshing to deal with a developer who takes pride in his extensions and doesn't just view them as just another product.

If you haven't upgraded to PAU 3 yet... I suggest you to do so.

The best has just got better!
June 30, 2006 by Alon Berman

3 years ago I looked long and hard at all the available upload scripts and there was only one program for us (Pure ASP Upload). It has, and continues to, serve us with reliabile and stable code.

Together with all the optional plugins and other products from DMXzone, we have kept ahead of the competition!

Pure ASP Upload 3's new and enhanced features will surpass any requirements you may have (and it's fast!).  Fully integrated into Dreamweaver, it is very intuitive to use. I introduced it to my 'newbie' students and they had their first upload pages fully functional in under 15 minutes.

I never thought twice when upgrading or even looked at the price for that matter - I have never gone wrong with George's software! The upgrade was seemless.

George and his team have been remarkable with hands on support and can not do enough to help you!

"Dank u van de bodem van Afrika!"

Alon & the Firewater development team

PAU V3.3
July 6, 2006 by ian edwards

Version 2 was good but now that the bugs are cured V3 works perfectly. It's quick, easy to use and it works.

Great extension

Ian Edwards

Edwards Micros

pure upload 3 works,
February 12, 2007 by Kenny Darcy
Hi yea,
I tested the latest release of both Pureupload and SIP 12th feb 2007, they works great, I had managed to upload an image and had both a reduced image and a thumbnail created, I didnt have no problems.

not like some of the previous versions.


3 Cheers for ASP 3!
April 27, 2007 by Steve Stretch

Just used the new version of ASP upload (I did have version 2) and would just like to say Thanks!

Once again straight out of the box, up and running in 5 mins!

Love the progress bars showing the actual progress - great improvement!

Thanks George


Simply The Best!
December 23, 2007 by Jon Jon
Unbelievable... a GREAT extension for any ASP developer.  I've used other free uploads in the past.. you end up hand coding and debugging so much stuff, it's simply becomes a long headache, not to mention if you really want to get advanced with your needs it becomes a task at that.  And I should mention, those free scripts are slow as dirt... good luck with any image/file of significant size.  This script DOES IT ALL so simply.  Literally, you can have yourself uploading files (along with your other data you are inserting) in a matter of minutes.  It's SO simple.  The help menu is useful if you have questions as well.  I purchased the bundle, so I plan on using the resizing features as well... again, very simple.  I think this is the best extension I've used/tested for this, and I highly recommend it.
Otherwise, good work!
November 13, 2008 by student 101

This extension has been updated twice - I have no clue on what was updated but the feature that is mostly needed wasn't updated.

If the image is named pete&hisdog.jpg then "&" needs to be a "_" or any other character will work - even a space.

When will this part be fixed?
Otherwise, good work!


April 6, 2009 by sam caudill

I have been using this extension for over a year now. I have adapted it to several websites. Everytime I think I find something that I CANT do because of limitations of the extension, I only come to find that its something I just didnt know HOW to do. Support from the extension writers is always there to get you over the hump. I have enjoyed using this with the Smart Image Process, and it has just saved me and my clients LOADS of time.

This extension I now use on every site I build that needs image loading capabilities.