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Advanced Layer Popup

Great product and great support
April 5, 2007 by Steve Mr.

After watching the video, I just had to have it!

I ran into a few small issues, posted them to the forums and they fixed them right away...  This is a very good product! It's a great way to build a site whit high content but keep the pages simple.


Love it!


Brilliant Extension
August 12, 2008 by Kathleen Donaldson

I started using this extension on my site last winter with exceptional results.   Even for someone with my learn-as-needed skills, it's very user friendly.  I look forward to trying the new slide show feature. 



Great extension
February 4, 2009 by Denis Hoffmann

I am satisfied with this the extension. Easy to use. And makes creat sites a lot easier.

Only 2 small things to mention. If you want to use the PopUp dynamically (?id=<?php echo $id; ?>) you always have to fix it manually after you change something. Second, I dont need any title. It would be cool if the layer just can be in one color without title and without any borders :-)


The way things are suppose to work
November 3, 2009 by Les Crowley

Very intuitive extension - giving me the ability to create a much higher level of user experience. One of the best extensions (tools) that I've purchased and one that I use in almost every project I do.

I own most of your extensions and in almost every case, purchasing an extension from DMXzone has made my life easier and afforded me the ability to create complex functionality in far less time than it would take to hand code everything.

Love this extension
April 13, 2011 by Fred Nelsen

The new update is fantastic. Just what I needed

My favourite DMX zone extension
May 23, 2011 by John Dulley

Many of my sites display dynamic data titles with links to more detailed infomation. In many cases I don't want them to leave the page so that they also look at other links on the page when the popup has been closed. Advanced Layer Popup does this so effectively and so easily and doesn't load the detailed info until needed.

I have used this popup with dynamic data in several different ways - including showing videos, and displaying automatically generated Google Maps.

It is certainly my favourite extension and a frequent feature of my websites.