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Advanced Multi Uploader

Error handling
December 11, 2008 by Greg Camp

This is a really easy tool to integrate, but if the product displays errors, it would be nice to have a error index or directory.

Advanced Multi Uploader
January 7, 2009 by Greg Camp

This is easy to setup and works, but I keep receiving a error "302 error" and this isn't "Robust error checking" as stated on this webpage I have gone to the forums and have tried to contact DMX Zone regarding this error and no response.  

Beyond this error with no explaination or support feedback, it has been easy to impletment and use.

G. Camp

Members Area
March 25, 2009 by Denis Hoffmann

seems it doesnt work in self created members area :-(

works as expected
April 5, 2009 by Greta Garberini

Its a great extension which makes life easier. For my work I need database integration in most cases. So, to store filenames in a database, together with a User id is essential.

The documentation in the pdf manual about this issue is not available. As a suggestion, it would be essential to add this into your pdf tutorial for those who need to save the file list in the database.
It is described in the last of the video tutorials, though.

As another suggestion, it is needed to rename buttons and error messages in different languages.

Password Protected
July 13, 2009 by Ricardo Medina

You CAN'T password protect the page where you use this extension. So any one who finds your page, which isnt that hard, can upload to your server and database if you have it set up for it.

That means a regular person who finds your page could upload porn, and other type of offensive material to your website.

It really renders the extesion worthless. They should specify this in bold letter!! 

Redirect after upload ?
November 9, 2009 by Karim Hassan

Nice extension but as Ricardo said it: no protection, and by the way why isn't it possible to redirect after a successful upload ??? a better combination with insert server behaviour would be great.