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Cross-browser AutoScroller

Does exactly what it says
February 5, 2003 by Andrew West
Extremely useful! I've been trying to figure out if css can do this natively for months...
February 19, 2004 by m kaijala
This is exactly what I needed. Outstanding extension!
November 11, 2007 by Jon Jon
This looks like a great extension, but has proven itself useless in CS3

Doesn't crash Dreamweaver cs3, but also doesn't do anything as well.

Is there an update for this?
August 4, 2008 by teresa suratos

Thanks a lot!!! heaven sent... like the previous post said, it's also exactly what i needed :D

cs3 ok
August 4, 2008 by teresa suratos

...i forgot to say, mine works perfectly on dreamweaver CS3 :D