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Smart Image Processor ASP

Life is now a lot easier :)
November 20, 2002 by Karl Bedingfield

What a product!

I have always been a little annoyed that I had to create an upload page for thumbs and an upload page for main images but now I have this extension life couldn’t be more pleasurable.

In all of 5 minutes I have my main image uploaded and auto created thumbnails to my dimensions. Can you believe that?!!

What I really like though is the resize functionality - How many times have you handed over a site to a client only for that client to upload an image too large for your design or you may have set image restrictions for upload that confuse the client. Well with this you set the maximum width and height and then if an image is uploaded larger than these dimensions the extension with the help of the COM resizes them and also keeps the right constraints of the image.

Life is now a lot easier :)

Saved me a TON of time
November 24, 2002 by Jeff Mottle
I've used a few of George's extensions and I just picked up Smart Image Processor and it works great! Even if you know a bit of programming his extentions will save you so much time! The Smart image processor works exactly as advertised and the support is second to none. With ASP Upload and Smart Image processor now implmented I have saved myself hour of update time every week. If you upload and resize images on a regular baisis you NEED these extensions!
Well worth the wait
November 30, 2002 by John Dulley

Since George foreshadowed this extension mid year I had been eagerly awaiting its release - and it was well worth the wait.  Now I can control the size of user uploaded images without getting them to use imaging software and can also generate an other sized (thumbnail) image at the same time.  My latest project has volunteers taking digital images of aged care facilities and uploading them, plus titles to a database, so that the thumbnail and full size image can be automatically be added to a photo gallery of the facilities. Using unskilled people like this would have been impossible without SIP.  My only caution is to make sure that your webhost has the appropriate ASP facilities or is prepared to register the supplied dll.

I now eagerly await the revision of the add ons to be able to update/delete the main image and thumbnail together.

RE: no thumbnails
June 11, 2003 by Eric Kaiser

OK, I registered the COM object that came with the extension and I am able to create thumbnails.

However, is it possible to put the thumbnails in a different directory?

ASP upload
June 13, 2003 by Andy Squibb
April 18, 2004 by Helmer Rasiti

SMART IMAGE PROCESSOR ERROR: Can not detect any Resize Server Components!
Please install at least the supplied server component. Read the online docs for more info

    What i must to do??? to work ok???

   Thank you...

Excellent extension
June 29, 2004 by red snapper
I've just bought this exttension today and i'm mightily impressed.I had it up and running in a matter of minutes with no problems at all. My client thinks I'm a genious.....
Physical Paths
May 10, 2005 by Matt Flood

I was so happy to that the new aspupload allows physical paths. My companies servers would only allow physical paths,  but then I tried to use Image Processor with physical paths.... it wouldn't work. I kept getting an error. Did a little research and the new Image Processor does not work with physical paths. 

Does anybody have any work arounds?  Is there a time frame for it to be updated? I would be happy to pay for an upgrade.


php version is better
August 11, 2005 by Aron K

The php version is much better.

Reason, the asp version does not allow prefix's for thumbs:

If you use a "prefix" you can you an image dynamically, all you do it use the "image name" from the recordset and add what ever prefix you specified.

ie image name: snoopy.jpg

your thum prefix is t_

then its t_snoppy.jpg

If you specifiy a "suffix" for a thumbnail there is no way to use it dynamically.

because you saved the thumbnail as snoppy_t.jpg, you can code for this in your page

3 Images in one
February 17, 2006 by Marco Aramburo
I already own this extension, but i need the extension resize the original and make two images, one medium size and the thumb, is that posible?
Smart Image Processor
March 10, 2006 by Andy Laverdiere, Jr.

  I have had ASP Upload for a few years and first used the Smart Image Processor extension on a web site for one of the largest youth hockey tournaments in North America in 2005; what a great tool!  I love being able to create a thumbnail along with restricting the size of the original image; it allowed me to use more images through my site(s) and decreased the amount of time it took for pages to load.  Players can create their own online player cards, teams can upload their logos and I do not need to worry about very large files hogging disk space and bandwidth nor do I worry any longer about the images being uploaded getting overly distorted because they lose their aspect ratio.  I saw very significant increases in the number of people that utilized the image utilities they had at their disposal to further customize their profiles.  A big 2 thumbs up for my needs!

Andy Lav  

Animated GIF not accepted
April 17, 2006 by G H
Animated GIF's are converted to (.jpg) Are there any plans to allow an animated (.gif) to be uploaded successfully. I love this extension, this is the only problem or drawback i see. Thanks