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Onclick Javascript Error

Reported 16 Jun 2005 12:36:56
has this problem
16 Jun 2005 12:36:56 John Harrison posted:
I hate to moan about a free gift but this does not work for me.

First it says that the index.htm must be in the site root - so I finally find that you need to browse to it relative to document rather than site root.
Then it seems to run but comes up with "While executing onClick in GoogleSitemap.htm, a Javascript error occurred"
Nothing is produced.


Replied 17 Jun 2005 14:18:49
17 Jun 2005 14:18:49 George Petrov replied:
Weird - coould you tell me how your site is structured? How are all pages linked to each other and folder structure.


George Petrov - Founder of the Dynamic Zones,,,,,
Replied 17 Jun 2005 14:40:51
17 Jun 2005 14:40:51 John Harrison replied:
Hello, tried this on 2 of my sites, both react the same. Most of the pages are basic html and the directory structure is not too deep (3 or 4 levels at most). On both sites I have 'working' directories which are cloaked.

The actual sites are and

I am running Dreamweaver MX 2004 on Windows 2000 pro with the following extensions:
Form button fever
Meta Generator
MX Tree Menu
MX Kollection
Open Picture Window Fever
PHP Convert to Included file
Smart Tags Fever

I also have Apache/PHP/MySQL running

Not sure what was relevant so thought I would tell you everything. If there is any further info or you would like a zip of the site etc, happy to comply.


Replied 17 Jun 2005 14:47:50
17 Jun 2005 14:47:50 John Harrison replied:
Forgot to mention - there is a sitemap on Spanish-Hols although it excludes the pages related to the booking form and included files.

Thanks again

Replied 17 Jun 2005 15:39:59
17 Jun 2005 15:39:59 George Petrov replied:
hmmm maybe it is because most of your links are in library items and DW locks those...
Could you send me a zip with your site in it as you have it in DW? Mail to

Btw nice houses <img src=../images/dmxzone/forum/icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle>


George Petrov - Founder of the Dynamic Zones,,,,,
Replied 19 Jun 2005 13:19:09
19 Jun 2005 13:19:09 John Harrison replied:
Email on its way - yes, I use library for links quite a lot, except when using PHP included files.

Thanks for your interest

Replied 20 Jun 2005 03:31:24
20 Jun 2005 03:31:24 Kenneth Halley replied:
I am having , what might be the same problem?
I have run the script on two websites withthe same result.
DW reports- A script has been running a long time do you wish to allow it to continue. I answer yes- it does this about 4 or 5 times then fails withthe following error
JavaScript error while executing OnCLick at Line 41 Internal error too much recursion.

Both sites are almost flat in structure- one main directory, and have a number of text links to other pages, but I also use library items for some of these menu structures.

Replied 20 Jun 2005 12:53:42
20 Jun 2005 12:53:42 George Petrov replied:
this is now fixed in the new ver 1.0.1
Please redownload


George Petrov - Founder of the Dynamic Zones,,,,,
Replied 20 Jun 2005 13:03:18
20 Jun 2005 13:03:18 John Harrison replied:
Which works well, thank you George <img src=../images/dmxzone/forum/icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>
Replied 20 Jun 2005 13:33:14
20 Jun 2005 13:33:14 Kenneth Halley replied:
Thanks George- working here now too. One thing thats worth mentioning as I don't suppose I will be alone in doing this- You need to watch when selecting the file that is the site homepage? if you simply type in the homepage file- i.e index.php if you are using the sitemap generator one various sites one after the other, it does not change the site root path so you can end up generating a site map in one site twith the domain name of another. I wonered where my sitemap xml file had gone after generating my second one . It was in the root directory of the first site having trawled that directory tree and appended the second sites domain nem to the first site structure. This does not happen if you select the browse button to always ensure you have selected the correct root file.
Its user error but I don't think I will be alone in doing this one!

All the best thanks for a useful extension.

Replied 14 Jan 2006 04:27:29
14 Jan 2006 04:27:29 Stephen Ross replied:
I can't get it to work either. I am getting the same "While executing onClick in GoogleSitemap.htm, a Javascript error occurred"

If I switch to site root relative, I generate an empty sitemap.

The main navigation of my site is a dynamic javascript menu Tigra tree menu, but there is a simple noscript static link list as well.

I'm using GoogleSitemap 1.0.2

thanks for any insight
Replied 10 Sep 2006 23:04:11
10 Sep 2006 23:04:11 Dan Hart replied:
I am having same problem.

Daniel A. Hart
Replied 12 Sep 2006 20:33:16
12 Sep 2006 20:33:16 Alan Kimrey replied:
I get the javascript error message on some sites, too. When it seems to work on a site, the xml file only lists the index.html page. Using version 1.0.2 in Dreamweaver MX 2004, MacOS 10.4.7.
Replied 30 Aug 2009 12:32:33
30 Aug 2009 12:32:33 Roger Knight replied:
Have used the sitemap plugin for ages with DW8 on XP with no problems (thanks George !)

Recently got a Vista PC (Home Premium SP1) and successfully installed DW8 and the latest version of your sitemap extension. However, when I try to generate a sitemap I get a Javascript error when executing OnClick. The error is at line 901 in ".\DWfile.c": The is followed in the error message by a string of chinese or japanese looking characters with the message Syntax Error: illegal character !

Would appreciate your advice
Replied 17 Sep 2009 22:56:55
17 Sep 2009 22:56:55 Patrick Julicher replied:
Hi Roger,

The Google Sitemap Generator should be updated next week. Could you download the new version (probably published on wednesday) install it and let us know what happens?

Kind regards, Patrick
Replied 23 Sep 2009 21:18:23
23 Sep 2009 21:18:23 Roger Knight replied:
Thanks Patrick. Have just downloaded the new version and all is well. Thanks again
Replied 23 Sep 2009 21:40:24
23 Sep 2009 21:40:24 George Petrov replied:
Glad it is all solved - the new version is quite a rewrite and full with tons new functionality that makes it great I think.

Replied 23 Sep 2009 21:44:28
23 Sep 2009 21:44:28 Patrick Julicher replied:
Hi Roger,

No problem. Your welcome. Good luck with further development.

Kind regards, Patrick
Replied 25 Oct 2009 06:25:31
25 Oct 2009 06:25:31 David Fox replied:
I just downloaded the new version (2.0) and I'm also getting this error. I wasn't able to run it with the old version either. Exact error message:

While executing onClick in GoogleSitemap.htm, the following JavaScript error(s) occurred:

At line 110 of file "Foxman:Applications:Adobe Dreamweaver CS3:Configuration:commands:dmxGoogleSitemap.xjs":
Cannot find file Foxman:Library:WebServerocuments:anniefox:teens.

At line 110 of file "Foxman:Applications:Adobe Dreamweaver CS3:Configuration:commands:dmxGoogleSitemap.xjs":
getDocumentDOM: Argument number 1 is invalid

the site I'm trying to map begins in anniefox/index.html
anniefox/teens is a subdirectory

Actual site lives at

I'm using mostly HTML with some occasional PHP/MySQL (including in anniefox/teens/index.php)
Replied 25 Oct 2009 10:52:02
25 Oct 2009 10:52:02 Patrick Julicher replied:
Hi David,

Let's try the following:

1. Close DW
2. Uninstall the extension
3. Clear DW's cache
4. Reinstall the extension and try again.

Kind regards, Patrick
Replied 25 Oct 2009 18:39:10
25 Oct 2009 18:39:10 David Fox replied:
Patrick, just tried that, no change in error messages.

Note that there are 3 windows that appear. First one saying there's an error, then two more in succession, identical to the one I posted about.

Any other ideas I might try?
Replied 25 Oct 2009 19:28:27
25 Oct 2009 19:28:27 Patrick Julicher replied:
Hi David,

What kind of machine and Dreamweaver version are you trying this on?

Kind regards, Patrick
Replied 25 Oct 2009 22:18:15
25 Oct 2009 22:18:15 David Fox replied:
A MacBook Pro running OS X 10.5.7.

One thought... a few of my URLs point to root (/name/) which will not work on my local install but does work when the site is uploaded to my hosting provider. That's because locally I have multiple folders, each representing a completely different Web site.

But I'm doing the same for another one of my Web sites, and I had no problem generating a map with that Web site. So something's happening that's specific to this one.

One other problem I'm having. If I switch which site I'm working on and try to generate a map for it, I get an error: Home page must be contained in the current site"

This error comes up when I browse and select the home page file. Once I got it to work by quitting DreamWeaver (version 9.0 Build 3481) and restarting it. But now that's not helping.
Replied 25 Oct 2009 22:44:36
25 Oct 2009 22:44:36 Patrick Julicher replied:
Hi David,

I still want to be on the safe side, but I suspect something is wrong when running GSG on a Mac. I will discuss this with the development team.

Kind regards, Patrick
Replied 13 Sep 2010 19:39:43
13 Sep 2010 19:39:43 David Fox replied:
I downloaded version 201 and I'm getting the same problem with two of my websites. My other ones work fine (as they did with the previous version).

Here are screenshots of the errors. I get this one first:

Then this one twice:

(if clicking on the links above don't bring up the images, just copy/paste into your browser)

Would really love to use this tool and would be happy to work with the developers to figure out what the problem might be.

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