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The slideshow doesn't play automatically in Opera.

Asked 31 Mar 2012 17:57:55
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31 Mar 2012 17:57:55 Jonas Fornander posted:
Latest version of Active Slideshow Pro, DW CS5.5, Latest version of Opera

The slideshow doesn't play automatically in the latest version of Opera. Instead I get a big grey "start" triangle and I have to click it to start the slideshow. I have not done any modifications to Opera so this must be the default behaviour it seems. Is there a way to make it start automatically?

The slideshow starts fine in IE, FF and Ch. //jonas


Replied 02 Apr 2012 06:07:23
02 Apr 2012 06:07:23 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Jonas.

Please provide link to the problem page.

Regards: Vulcho.

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