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GUI mac DW cs6 display issue

Reported 02 Apr 2013 02:43:26
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02 Apr 2013 02:43:26 Ryan Preece posted:
I'm having a major GUI issue with smp on DW CS 6. First: the input fields move when I scroll but the information / instructions stay in place. This makes it very confusing to configure. Secondly: when I select an image from a data source for insertion I I don't get the option to set a thumbnail. Anyone else have this problem on apple and if so did you find a workaround? Thanks.


Replied 02 Apr 2013 08:05:59
02 Apr 2013 08:05:59 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Ryan.

Actually all properties that you need to apply are there.
I agree that the scrollbars are not needed and a bit confusing. We will fix that GUI issue with our developers.

Replied 02 Apr 2013 11:59:38
02 Apr 2013 11:59:38 Ryan Preece replied:
Hey Vulcho, I can work around the GUI - thought this may be something that you guys have come across and knew of a fix. Any advice on the Thumbnail code? I don't see it in the drop down option of the data sources as I do with the asp version I used to use.


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