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Fisheye & Lightbox

Reported 20 Dec 2007 09:23:23
has this problem
20 Dec 2007 09:23:23 paul stanway posted:
I have purchased Fisheye to complement Lightbox2 on the same page but I cannot get them to work together on the same page, I need help urgently.

I gather from another post on the net that jquery.js used by Fisheye and prototype.js and scriptalicious.js used by Lightbox2 are conflicting, something to do with global '$' but I am not a programmer, more a tinkerer and I need to have someone change Fisheye so that it references jquery directly not through '$' but I do not know how to do this.

I have a basic example zipped up containing all the files etc if someone is prepared to assist me.

The post on the net:


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Replied 20 Dec 2007 10:00:25
20 Dec 2007 10:00:25 George Petrov replied:
Hi Paul,

Fish Eye Menu offers a build in integration of Advanced layer Popup ( which also offers LightBox alike functionality.

So you can do those two for best solution without any handcoding.

Otherwise if you wish to integrate the original lightbox lots of handcoding might be required...


George Petrov - Founder of the Dynamic Zones,,,,,
Replied 20 Dec 2007 11:20:37
20 Dec 2007 11:20:37 paul stanway replied:
Yes thanks for the advice to purchase another product..........

Can you confirm that the global "$" will be the issue if so can you give me some advice/ I have to replace all "$" with jquery in the DMXFishEye-min.js file?

Or do I have to update any other files?


Replied 21 Dec 2007 04:31:34
21 Dec 2007 04:31:34 paul stanway replied:
I am pissed off with you George.....ALL YOU ARE BOTHERED ABOUT IS MONEY you have not answered my question regarding a bug in your software, I have found a work around and also fixed the fisheye + lightbox conflict problem (SHAME ON YOU)


1. Delete the transparent file first before going back and adding a title, it will regenerate the transparent file but it works.


1) In the DMXFishEye-min.js file I replaced all instances of "$" with "jQuery".
2) In index.html I added jQuery.noConflict(); as I described in my blog post. This keeps jQuery and prototype from conflicting.
3) In index.html where you were doing the FishEye setup, I replaced "$" with "jQuery". So "$(document).ready" and "$("#fishEye1".dmxFishEye" became "jQuery(document).ready" and "jQuery("#fishEye1".dmxFishEye".

Do your customers a favour and do the right thing by them.

Now make a vertical version of the fish eye make everyone happy.
Replied 21 Dec 2007 12:17:17
21 Dec 2007 12:17:17 George Petrov replied:
Thank you for your suggestions Paul,

However please understand that we already have lots of work to make our own components work with each other let stay to make them compatible with each other ajax alike library out there and its own components ...

I will file a request about $ integration and the other bug you mention in our bug tracking system, so we will fix it in the next update.
but that is all I can do for now.

I was not offering you another product just to take your money - but just to save you time.
Of course it is up to your which road you choose.


George Petrov - Founder of the Dynamic Zones,,,,,
Replied 31 Mar 2008 20:35:46
31 Mar 2008 20:35:46 Christopher Schiebel replied:
I would like to see a status on this.

I too wish to use Lightbox and I was dumbfounded when I found that Fisheye and Lightbox were incompatible. Lightbox is a MAJOR common script used by some of the <b>largest communities</b> and it uses the ubiquitous Prototype Framework and Scriptaculous effects libraries. I can't believe you guys didn't foresee this eventuality! And then to turn around a request for support with a sales pitch for ALP?! <b>FOR SHAME!</b> I would RATHER rip out my fisheye menu than remove Lightbox and I even have 3d Flow working on the same website AND I use ALP elsewhere on the website. There is just certain applications that Lightbox is WELL suited to. If you don't like Lightbox and don't care to be compatible with it, why don't you guys write a compatible script as elegant as Lighbox that does the same thing as Lighbox which is compatible with all of your extensions and then give it away for free? Hmm?? &gt;.&gt;

[Yet another reason you guys are trying so hard to lose my patronage. It just seems that lately all I get from you guys is that you don't want me to be a continuing customer. I've spent over $500 (USD) on your extensions and then got stunned when you offered 3D Flow gallery <b>$30 cheaper to those people who bought the MP3 player than what I paid for it as an early adopter</b>, but snubbed those that went ahead and bought the 3D Flow gallery early and didn't offer the MP3 player for the same discount in return. You much later offered a moderately minor discount in response. I will be forever sore until I get my 67% off of MP3 Player]

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