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Is this Extension compatible with PurePHPUpload301? Will there be a new version soon?

Asked 03 Apr 2013 07:03:36
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03 Apr 2013 07:03:36 Andre Bender posted:
Is this Extension compatible with PurePHPUpload301? Will there be a new version soon?


Replied 03 Apr 2013 13:24:15
03 Apr 2013 13:24:15 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Andre.

Currently the extension is not compatible.
Our developers planed to implement such compatibility in the future update of the product.

Replied 03 Apr 2013 14:38:28
03 Apr 2013 14:38:28 Andre Bender replied:
Hi Vulcho

Thanks for your fast reply. Bad news, when will the update be available? Multiple uploads are a must for our customers.
Replied 07 May 2013 00:21:03
07 May 2013 00:21:03 Foster Brovan replied:
I have Pure PHP Upload 3 and Pure PHP File Upload
Since I have Pure PHP UPload 3 Can I still use the Pure PHP File Upload which should be 2?

Thank you. Foster
Replied 07 May 2013 06:32:38
07 May 2013 06:32:38 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Foster.

You can use the Pure php upload 2 if you wish.
Note that it is recommended to use only one of the products installed in Dreamweaver in order to avoid any eventual problems when implementing add-ons related with the pure php upload.

Replied 09 May 2013 14:48:30
09 May 2013 14:48:30 David Woolley replied:
I'm also using PPU2 & AMU for multiple file uploading dynamically to different folders based on a category. I bought PPU3 thinking that AMU would function the same, so looks like I'll have to stay with PPU2 until the compatibility issue is sorted out.

It would be nice in the long run to implement a non-Flash multi-upload solution, so that Apple devices can use it. Are you thinking along those lines?

Replied 20 Aug 2013 09:21:13
20 Aug 2013 09:21:13 David Woolley replied:
Just updated AMU to latest version 1.0.5 that is compatible with PPU3.
So upgraded to PPU3 from PPU2 on the page that uses AMU. How does one update the AMU script on the page? Should I rather reapply the PPU3 from scratch selecting UploadQueue?

By the way the AMU manual is still referring to PPU2.


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