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vulnerable flash

Asked 15 Jul 2015 13:14:53
has this question
15 Jul 2015 13:14:53 MX Addict posted:
Will this extension be rewritten in jquery. Several clients have disabled flash in their browser because of its vulnerability.


Replied 15 Jul 2015 13:17:03
15 Jul 2015 13:17:03 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
An AJAX upload tool, which will support multi upload is under development.
It should be released soon.
Replied 15 Jul 2015 13:23:14
15 Jul 2015 13:23:14 MX Addict replied:
That is nice to hear.

Will this extension also works with DMXZone Database Updater ASP?
Replied 15 Jul 2015 13:32:26
15 Jul 2015 13:32:26 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
That's right, this extension will fully support the DMXzone Database tools.

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